Wrapping up the Week

Trader Joe
4 min readAug 30, 2021

What a crazy week for Trader Joe and the Avalanche🔺Ecosystem. We’ve pulled together a high level overview of some key areas in the project that the Team have been working on.

All data points referenced: up to 28th of August

One Week — TLDR Summary

  1. TVL: $551m, +588% (Market Share 60%)
  2. Liquidity: $468m, +739% (Market Share 57%)
  3. Volume: $155m, +120% (Market Share 56%)
  4. Twitter followers: 20.6k, +40%
  5. Web traffic: Average daily hits up, +485%

Protocol Growth

Trader Joe has seen unparalleled growth in the fundamental protocol metrics over the recent week, highlighting the strength of the platform offering and the community support that the project has received.

High Level Metrics

  1. TVL: $551m, +588% (Market Share 60%)
  2. Liquidity: $468m, +739% (Market Share 57%)
  3. Volume: $155m, +120% (Market Share 56%)

Ecosystem Metrics

At Trader Joe, we aim to serve the entire Avalanche ecosystem. The metrics below measure the impact not just to our token holders, but to the entire Avalanche Ecosystem.

  1. Ecosystem liquidity: $423m, +802% (Market Share 66%)
  2. Ecosystem volume: $119m, +140% (Market Share 52%)

Ecosystem liquidity = (Total liquidity from given DEX) — (Liquidity in own Native Token Pairs)

Ecosystem volume = (Total volume from given DEX) — (Volume in own Native Token Pairs)

Farming Update

We continue to serve with the Avalanche community in mind, offering a wide selection of Avalanche native tokens and also bringing to the market a number of new pairings as well as launching new farms. Specifically, new farms that were launched in the recent week:

SHIBx, Benqi, Eleven.

We have plenty more just around the corner, so keep your eyes peeled 👀

Banker Joe — Our Lending and Leveraged Trading Protocol

At Trader Joe, our goal is to become a one-stop decentralized trading platform. The next step towards that goal is the implementation of our in-house lending protocol, Banker Joe. This is based on the compound protocol and will allow Trader Joe to offer lending and non-custodial leveraged trading.

The protocol is currently undergoing two audits from Paladin and Hashex, when auditing has been completed, we will ready Banker Joe for launch.

Understandably, people are concerned about the recent CREAM hack, which is due to a re-entrancy vulnerability concerning whitelisting of ERC777/1820 tokens. Rest assured, we are working with our auditors to make sure such a hack does not occur on Banker Joe and the resolution to this is that we won’t be whitelisting any ERC777/1820 tokens for lending (currently, no such tokens exist on Avalanche).

Want some more details on Banker Joe? Check out the below infographic from our media partners, Avaxholic.

Whitepaper: Linked here

Marketing & Community

Trader Joe has seen an influx of new community members across our social stack. Twitter followers increased by +40% WoW, with our Telegram channels and Discord server seeing similar % increases.

Our website traffic has also seen huge growth WoW, with daily average hits increasing by over +485%. Due to the growth in web traffic, you may have noticed more recently the website appearing to be ‘slow’. This is being monitored and addressed by our website provider.

Serving the community is a core value of Trader Joe’s and to ensure we are actively engaging and rewarding our community, we will be launching a grass-roots inspired campaign. This campaign will be a home-grown schedule of exciting events and activities for our active Discord and Telegram members — with lots of rewards up for grabs! More news on this soon.

The Avalanche Bridge to date, has seen over $3bn of assets flow into the ecosystem. A staggering sum over such a short period of time. With this influx of new assets and new investors, it has highlighted a gap in our own resources. We are working with a Content Creator to publish a ‘Trader Joe Tutorials’ series as well as overhauling our own written guides, to offer a full 360 of content and learning resources.

Keep close to the project and the community 👨‍🌾👩‍🌾

The team are hard at work, there is a lot going on behind the scenes. To stay close to the project announcements, jump into our Discord or Telegram. Links below:

Discord: https://discord.gg/VgBTj6Sh5p
General Chat: