Verso x Trader Joe Double Reward Farm & AMA

Trader Joe
2 min readJun 30, 2021



  • When: Sat July 3rd 2021 10am EST — Sat July 17th 2021 10am EST
  • Duration: 2 weeks
  • Emissions 0.1653 VSO / second (200,000 VSO in total)
  • Farm: AVAX-VSO


We’re proud to announce our next partner for our first cohort of double reward farms: Verso Finance!

The awesome team at Verso wowed us with their ambitious goal of connecting DeFi to traditional, regulated FIAT wallets. Verso is a joint-venture with Wallet Engine, an e-wallet company based in Singapore and serving apps across Southeast Asia. As veterans of the fintech world, they understand the importance of high volume low value processing capabilities for future finance. As a result, Verso has launched on Avalanche and the team is now looking to expand farming opportunities for their token holders. We told them about double reward farming and suddenly a partnership was formed :)

As part of this partnership, our AVAX-VSO farm will also emit VSO in addition to JOE for two weeks. This presents the first time ever double reward farming will be available on Avalanche. We’re both super excited to bring this to the Avalanche community and believe that double reward farming can pave a way to a new generation of yield farming that encourages more partnerships between projects.

In addition to this, we’ll be hosting the Verso team where you can learn more about the great work they’re doing. We implore you guys to be there and ask questions to learn more about this interesting system they’re building!

About Verso Finance:

Verso are veterans of the fintech world. Their CEO, Gregor Arn, launched Wallet Engine, which is a Singapore-based wallet-as-a-service provider powering embedded finance for FIAT currencies within cross-border apps.

Verso enables regulated FIAT wallets to expand their products and become more relevant for their users. Verso is built for the regulated world and Wallet Engine is a catalyst to drive adoption with other e-wallets and digital banks. Through Verso, these platforms will be able to offer both CeFi and DeFi products to their users. While DeFi offers a lot of opportunities around yield generation, borrowing and lending, their CeFi angle enables traditional insurance and lending companies to offer microfinance products at scale. Ultimately, new hybrid products may evolve out of this, e.g. insurance products where part of the underwriting comes from DeFi. Find out more about Verso on