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3 min readSep 12, 2021


All data points referenced: up to 12th of September


Trader Joe has seen exceptional growth across the board in the month, as we continue to shape the future of the Avalanche ecosystem. We’ve been working hard to bring you Banker Joe, our new In-house Lending Protocol, providing an improved user experience with simple, flexible and diverse options for your Investment Strategies. Watching our user base flourish, fills our heart with pride. Rest assured you’re in safe hands as we focus on building a lasting contribution, pushing the frontiers of DeFi for the community.

TLDR Summary

  • TVL hits an ATH: $675m
  • $100m xJOE staked, collecting daily fees of $100k (rewarded to stakers)
  • Farmers Market has landed
  • Banker Joe on track for mid-September #lendingiscoming
  • The Joe Games have started, join our Discord to get involved
  • Social Platforms: 32k members +8% WoW

Introducing our Intern: Volley

Our Intern regularly monitors the fundamental metrics associated with Trader Joe and provides snapshot market analysis of the Avalanche ecosystem. Volley is also responsible for the $HAT project…. More on that story later.

To keep up to date with our market analysis, follow Volley’s very own Twitter account here: Trader Joe Intern

Banker Joe


We are incredibly excited to launch our Lending Protocol: Banker Joe. The development team is hard at work finalising the protocol for release. We will be sharing news and content, in the coming week.

Security: The Lending Protocol is being double audited, carried out by Paladin and Hashex.

New Farms!

Trader joe loves to welcome new friends and over the past two weeks we have launched some exciting farms for new entrants to the Avalanche ecosystem.

Keep your eyes peeled for new farms, Trader Joe maybe casting a spell very soon.

Community Initiatives

The Joe Games are here!

A regular series of inspirational community competitions open to all our members on Discord. In the spirit of collaboration, our activities will give you a chance to make real contributions to the Trader Joe culture, from design competitions, meme contests and more!

Lots of rewards will be up for grabs in each series of the Joe Games. Everyone is invited so don’t be shy — remember, fortune favours the bold.

Resources and Guides

Continued expansion of our learning resources to help those who are new to the Avalanche ecosystem or DeFi in general. Our Discord server has the most up-to-date access to these materials.

Specifically, we have launched a ‘How To’ YouTube series, providing simple directions on how to navigate and interact with The Trader Joe platform. More videos are planned to assist the usage of the Banker Joe protocol.

Wrapping Up

Whilst our present focus is on the delivery of Banker Joe, preparations are also underway for ‘Joe Rush’, our involvement in the avalanche incentives programme. We look forward to bringing you further updates as plans for ‘Joe Rush’ develops…

Co-founder 0xMurloc “we have big plans”

Finally, following the successful strategic raise of $5m, Trader Joe is looking to hire for two new roles:

  • Smart contract engineer, skilled in: Solidity, hardhat, tenderly
  • Full-stack engineer, skilled in: React, web3, subgraphs

See you all on the farm

Keep close to the project and the community 👨‍🌾👩‍🌾

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