Trader Joe’s Bulletin Board — 26th Sep

All data pointed referenced: up to the 26th of September


Trader Joe has seen another exceptional few weeks of growth, with huge strides being made across both our protocols and social ecosystem. Our attention now turns to October and the much-anticipated launch of Banker Joe, as well as other top-secret alpha projects.

TLDR Summary

  • TVL milestone: $1billy (Since hitting a new peak of $1.4billy)
  • Farmers Market has landed for new pairs: BNB & BIFI
  • Banker Joe confirmed launch: 4th of October
  • Elk & Joe Trading Competition: Entry form here
  • Social Ecosystem: 45k members +21% WoW

Protocol Fundamentals

The Avalanche ecosystem has seen substantial growth since the announcement of the incentive program, growing from $0.5billy in Total Value Locked (TVL) at the start of August, to over $3billy today.

$1billy train, up only

This growth has been reciprocated on the Trader Joe platform, evident in our recent major milestone of hitting the $1billy in TVL (At the time of writing we now stand at $1.4billy). This growth in TVL now represents 80% of Avalanche’s native liquidity market share, contributing to a meteoric rise in revenue protocol generation. As of today, September 26th, Trader Joe’s 7 day revenue position is now higher than Aave, Compound and Curve.

7D Protocol Revenue, Trader Joe: $930k

New Farms & Partnerships

Some fantastic new farms have launched recently and we are excited to continue working with some of our well-established partners. In total, Trader Joe now offers 37 high yielding farms, with recent launches including:

  • BNB / AVAX
  • GB / AVAX
  • mYAK / AVAX
  • USDT.e / USDC.e

We have some new farms planned for the coming week. Specifically, we are excited to announce our formal partnership with new friends, Kalao. The farm will launch on the 27th.

Kalao combines NFTs & VR, to unlock a metaverse experience like no other

Marketing/Community Initiatives

We are delighted to be welcoming so many new faces to our community, which now spans a total of 45,000 members across our combined social stack. Efforts to enhance our community engagement are always being worked on. We will be making some enhancements to ensure the safety of our community, on both Discord & Telegram chats. A new rank in Discord has recently been added ‘Big Joe’ for our veteran community members. Tipbot implementation for $JOE is also underway, expect that to be added within weeks.

The Joe Games, our key community engagement Initiative on our Discord server, kicked off with an Emoji ‘Emojoe’ design contest. We now progress the Joe Games to event #2 ‘Design a sidekick for Banker Joe’ which will kick off on the 27th. Prizes for all valid submissions.

Jump into our Discord server so you don’t miss out! Link

Fat Cat … Doppy Dog … Can you design a new sidekick for Banker Joe?

Banker Joe Launch

You’ll be happy to hear that Banker Joe is all set to launch on October 4th. The lending protocol will give you added flexibility with your DeFi yield farming strategies. Initially, on launch, whitelisted assets will be available for lending and borrowing, these will be: WETH, USDT, DAI, AVAX, LINK, WBTC. At a later date, this list will be expanded. Assets on Banker Joe, must have a Chainlink Oracle data feed established. This is an essential requirement, as the accuracy of the data ensures efficient management of lending pool positions.

We have also confirmed that part of the protocol fees from Banker Joe will be used to buy back existing $JOE tokens and divert them into the xJOE holder's pool. This will be a feature added post-launch.

Banker Joe Whitepaper Linked Here

Banker’s Bonus Bonanza (+ other events!)

Big Bankers Bonus Bonanza!

We have community initiatives galore set for the coming weeks, with 5 days of fun-packed Twitter competitions, in the run-up to Banker Joe’s launch on October 4th. Events include the ‘Golden Box Retweet Raffle’, ‘Borrower’s Bounty’, ‘Pin the price on the $JOE’, ‘Banker Joe’s Emoji Challenge’, and finally our ‘Friendship Giveaway’. We hope to see you there!

In addition, Trader Joe is partnering up with Elk Finance to bring you a Farm & Trading Event worth $5,000. In order to participate, entrants must set up a new wallet, with a minimum of $2k USDT.e, cross the ElkNet Bridge before returning a week later to trade or farm on the Trader Joe platform. In the final week, all entrants must convert back into USDT.e, with the highest ROI% (final balance ÷ starting balance) being crowned winner. For more details,

Entry form and competition details can be found here

Lastly, we have recently launched our Reddit platform, jump on in and hit that subscribe button: TraderJoe_XYZ … We may be hosting a small promotion on the platform soon, so don’t miss out!

Closing Remarks

All eyes are now on Banker Joe and the expected arrival of ‘Joe Rush’, our part in Avalanche Rush’s incentives program. We will shortly be sharing teasers and detailed content to help you understand how you can get the most out of Banker Joe, as well as further information on Joe Rush. Until then, you can stay up to date on Trader Joe’s progress by joining our social platforms, linked below.

Discord | Telegram | Twitter | Reddit



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