Trader Joe Uses Chainlink Price Feeds to Support Rapid Scaling in Avalanche’s Fast-Growing DeFi Ecosystem

0xMurloc Co-founder, Trader Joe

Key results

* $1.6B+

* 20,000

* 100%




Trader Joe Looks to Establish a Foothold in Avalanche’s Promising DeFi Space


Trader Joe Experiences Difficulties Accessing Reliable Market Data on Avalanche

  • Banker Joe needed tamper-proof oracles to securely issue, close, and liquidate loans
  • Creating its own oracles would be an extremely difficult and time-consuming task
  • Many available oracle solutions are subject to single points of failure
0xMurloc — Co-founder, Trader Joe


Banker Joe Integrates Chainlink Price Feeds, Is Able to Quickly Scale


Business Outcomes

Banker Joe Becomes a Leading DeFi Protocol on Avalanche

About Trader Joe



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