Trader Joe Partners with Yeti Finance, Decentralised Borrowing Protocol Launching on Avalanche

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3 min readJan 16, 2022


Yeti Finance & Trader Joe

Trader Joe is delighted to announce an official partnership with Yeti Finance, a new decentralized borrowing protocol that will be launching on Avalanche. Yeti Finance will be integrating a broad range of Trader Joe assets, such as JLPs, xJOE and Banker Joe Tokens. The integration of these assets onto the Yeti Finance platform will unlock the deep & innovative utility offered by Yeti Finance, to leverage up to 11x with 0% interest fees.

Magic? No. This is the strength of Yeti.

Introducing: Yeti Finance

Yeti Finance is an interest-free decentralized, non-custodial borrowing protocol built on Avalanche that allows users to borrow up to 11x against their deposited assets for 0% interest. A whole new possibility of capital-efficient yield-farming strategies will be unlocked from hedging long/short liquidity positions to highly leveraged stablecoin farming with a low risk of liquidation.

Use Yeti Finance to launch your JLPs, xJOE or jTokens (Banker Joe) sky high with up to 11x leverage

Why use the Yeti Protocol?

The architecture behind the protocol is a ‘quantum leap’ forward for the stablecoin and lending landscape. Yeti Finance enables greater capital efficiency on the assets deposited into the protocol, unlocking the following benefits:

  • 0% Interest Rate — if you borrow, you do not accrue any debt for doing so
  • Minimum Collateral Ratios of 110% — more efficient usage of deposited asset which leads to up to 11x leverage on assets
  • Farm Rewards Friendly — All Farming rewards on JLPs, xJOE and jTokens (Banker Joe) will be included if depositing on Yeti Finance
  • Directly redeemable — YUSD (Yeti Stablecoin) can be redeemed at face value for the underlying collateral at any time
  • Portfolio Borrowing — Borrow against your entire portfolio on the protocol, rather than borrowing against individual assets that you deposit

What will be available on the Yeti Finance platform?

Users can deposit the following:

  • xJOE

Users will also be able to deposit the following Tokens once they have been supplied/deposited to Banker Joe:

  • jAVAX
  • jWETH.e
  • jWBTC.e
  • jUSDC.e
  • jUSDT.e

Deposit any of the above-listed assets into the Yeti Finance protocol and unlock the deep utility on offer. Deposit and borrow against your portfolio, leverage up to 11x without any interest charges (0% interest fee). Any asset deposited from Trader Joe retains all of the existing Farm rewards you earn on the Trader Joe platform.

To kickstart this partnership, Trader Joe will be hosting a Twitter Spaces session with the Yeti Finance team on the 19th (Wednesday) at 7pm UTC

Stay tuned for further upcoming announcements and events regarding this partnership. We highly encourage you to follow the Yeti Finance social channels linked below to stay up to date with their launch plans.

About Yeti Finance

Yeti Finance is a next-gen decentralized borrowing protocol built on Avalanche. This innovative protocol enables users to borrow up to 11x against their entire portfolio for a 0% interest fee, whilst retaining all farming rewards for your deposited assets. Unlock deep utility, borrow at the lowest collateral ratios with better protection against liquidation. This is a quantum leap forward for the stablecoin and lending landscape, this is the strength of the Yeti.

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