Trader Joe & Keystone Partnership: Secure Signing on Avalanche Blockchain!

Trader Joe
3 min readJan 26, 2022

Article by Keystone (original below)

The Keystone Hardware Wallet

Since Metamask has integrated with the Keystone hardware wallet in late December last year, more web3 users have been benefiting from the QR code signing. The Keystone team is pleased to announce their new partnership with Trader Joe! This provides users of the Avalanche blockchain a verifiable method to sign smart contracts without blindly trusting them.

Trader Joe is a decentralized exchange on the Avalanche blockchain that allows users to swap, stake, and yield farm since it was launched in June 2021. Users can also take advantage of both of their non-custodial borrow and lending features as well as the ability to open leveraged positions with the funds borrowed or lent.

By collaborating with the Trader Joe team, Keystone will be implementing the authentic ABI of their dapp to help their users visually verify the authenticity of the contract they are about to sign. This is achieved by loading the ABI file in the Keystone hardware wallet with the SD card slot.

Keystone hardware wallet users can easily verify the authenticity of the contract they are about to sign and interact with the 4” touch screen on their hardware device. Contracts with incongruent ABIs will be highlighted so users can detect any malicious contracts prior to signing their funds away.

A Smart-Contract Metadata Registry to specifically address blind signing is constantly expanding on Github. This repo was specifically designed so the Web3 community and the average DeFi user can protect themselves from phishing attacks as well as the sophisticated remote attacks that have happened to those holding a substantial amount of funds.

How transactions will show using the Keystone Wallet

How transactions will appear when using Trader Joe #1
How transactions will appear when using Trader Joe #2

Applying the ABIs contained in the Metadata Registry will help keep the Trader Joe community safe from imposters impersonating the Trader Joe dapp/website and also provide a solution to the blind signing issue that is still plaguing dapps that some users are still falling victim to.

Keystone HQ GitHub Link

Teams interested in helping to make their dapps safer for all of their users can read and follow up on our Smart-Contract Metadata Registry here! Any teams who are also interested in helping make web3 a safer place to use by allowing their dapps to be validated and free from blind signing. GitHub link below.

🏆Competition time!

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About Keystone

Keystone is a 100% air-gapped QR code hardware wallet. The wallet is designed to maximize attack cost, minimize trust, prevent potential human error, avoid single-point-of-failures and boost interoperability. It was officially integrated with MetaMask in December 2021.

About Trader Joe

Trader Joe is a one-stop-shop decentralized trading platform native to the Avalanche blockchain. Trader Joe builds fast, securely and aims to serve the community at the frontier of DeFi. Maximize your yield generating activities under one fully integrated roof, providing you with a unique, innovative, and highly accessible DeFi experience.

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