Trader Joe Joins the Moralis Avalanche Hackathon

Trader Joe is joining Moralis and Avalanche as a formal partner to the Moralis Avalanche Hackathon!

Trader Joe — Official Partner to the Moralis Avalanche Hackathon

Trader Joe is officially partnering with the Moralis Avalanche Hackathon! The Moralis Avalanche Hackathon currently features a total prize pool of $500,000 and runs until the 31st of January, 2022.

Just the top three prizes for the Moralis Avalanche Hackathon total $175,000, with the grand prize gifting $100,000 to one lucky project. The runner-up will receive a second prize of $50,000, while the team that comes in third place will get $25,000. The rules to qualify for these top three prizes are simple — participants simply have to build on Avalanche using Moralis. Nevertheless, there are also many other partners who contribute with their own prize pools, such as Trader Joe. Be sure to read on to check out Trader Joe’s prize pools for the Moralis Avalanche Hackathon!

”The Moralis Avalanche Hackathon is all about building. We are so happy to have Trader Joe with us for this hackathon, as they’re a concrete example of how quickly a project can go from idea to fruition under the right circumstances. What’s more, we’re sure that the community is going to love Trader Joe’s involvement,” said Ivan on Tech, Founder of Moralis.

”Trader Joe started out as a hobby project. One thing led to another and now we’re one of the largest DEXs in all of DeFi. We’re proud to sponsor this hackathon because we know that if we can do it, so can you,” said a spokesperson from Trader Joe. ”Every blockchain ecosystem requires a thriving community of developers and hackathons are a great way to get your feet wet, earn money and have fun!”.

Trader Joe Prize Pools

Specifically, Trader Joe is offering two prize pools, jointly totaling $60,000, in its contribution to the Moralis Avalanche Hackathon. These two prize pools seek to encourage innovation in relation to portfolio analytics and tracking, as well as an API for pools, farms, and lending markets.

The first prize pool, which totals $30,000, will reward one project that manages to ”Revamp Analytics Dashboard + Portfolio Tracker for Trader Joe DEX and Lending”. With this prize pool, Trader Joe is looking for a portfolio tracker with a brilliant user experience. This tracker should track users’ positions in pools, farms, and money markets. For this, any new creative ideas are also more than welcome. What’s more, Trader Joe also requests that this solution should be built in React to qualify for the prize pool.

With its second prize pool, Trader Joe is looking for a new capable API. The prize pool, which encourages a ”TVL, APR & APY API for All Pools, Farms and Lending Markets on Trader Joe”, also totals $30,000. Right now, Trader Joe’s TVL, APR, and APY are all calculated on the frontend. Trader Joe is looking for a solution to move this to a backend, which can be accessed by the frontend via an API. Do you have an idea for a dApp, DeFi, or Web3 app to solve this? If so, start building today!

About Moralis

Moralis is the definitive platform for Web3 development. Moralis dramatically cuts down the average time it takes to bring dApps, DeFi products and Web3 apps to market. Specifically, Moralis provides developers with a powerful, plug-and-play blockchain backend infrastructure. This means developers do not need to waste time manually setting up, managing and maintaining their own backend. Instead, they can simply focus on building great dApps, DeFi apps, and Web3 projects.

What’s more, Moralis is built from the ground up to be cross-chain compatible. This, together with Moralis’ many different APIs — such as Moralis’ new Covalent API and Moralis’ NFT API — developers can build a vast array of different projects. This includes everything from building Avalanche dApps to creating an NFT marketplace. What’s more, Moralis documentation and blog include step-by-step instructions for dApp projects, like how to create a DEX or how to host a dApp.

About Trader Joe

Trader Joe is a one-stop-shop decentralized trading platform native to the Avalanche blockchain. Trader Joe builds fast, securely and aims to serve the community at the frontier of DeFi. The vision is simple, build a DeFi platform like no other. A comprehensive, highly accessible, and uniquely innovative experience. A hub for DeFi primitives, under one roof.

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One-stop Trading Platform on Avalanche

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