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4 min readApr 30, 2022

🌿 The Bounty Program Initiative

Trader Joe is here to make DeFi accessible and at the heart of this mission, is the Community. Contribution and engagement from the community help to shape and push forward the development of the Trader Joe platform.

The Bounty Program Initiative has been established to encourage and nurture Community Contribution. This is a Community Managed program setup to directly reward Contributions. The Cultivation Club, which is the Trader Joe Community Club, have the power to open proposals for bounty work, reward contribution, and empower the community to help shape the Trader Joe platform.

Recap on completed Bounties

  • Bounty Initiative #1: Tokenomics Infographics — $1000
  • Rundown of the Completed Bounty: Link

🌿 Bounty #2: veJOE Leaderboard

The veJOE wars are upon us and a number of projects are making moves to accumulate JOE/veJOE. A new bounty was opened requesting the development of veJOE Leaderboards to help track veJOE accumulation amongst competing protocols.

Bounty Requirements:

  • Build a report to track JOEs and veJOE accumulated + veJOE Farm TVL
  • Allow for the tracking of competing protocols
  • Include any other metric deemed worthy to track competitiveness

Key Protocols to Track for veJOE Wars:

  • Yield Yak, Beefy Finance, Vector Finance, Steak Hut Finance, Farmer Frank, North Pole

Bounty Prize Pool Available

  • A total of $2,400 has been allocated to submissions of the veJOE Leaderboard bounty

🌿 Bounty #2: Bounty Prizes

Big congratulations and thanks to all submissions, a total of 6 entries were submitted for this bounty, with the following rewards allocated below based on Community Votes and an internal Committee review.

💰 1st Place awarded $1000: XPKea

Flashy front-end dashboard with a high-level protocol overview, social link integration, KPIs, and a very handy ‘Compare Farms’ allowing for quick aggregator-styled Farm yield comparisons.

You can find this veJOE Dashboard pinned in the Club House Channel 😎

💰 2nd Place awarded $600: Angus

Excellent data-focused leaderboard, filtering, and labeling function to allow for easy tracking and comparison. Comes completed with a CSV export function to enable more thorough ad-hoc data manipulation.

You can find this veJOE Leaderboard pinned in the veJOE Channel 😎

💰 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th place: $200 each

  • Seb, Pecio33, Damnxianz and Afofa

🌿 What’s next for the Cultivation Club?

Two New bounties are to be launched in the coming days for the Marketers and Graphic Designers out there...Jump into the Discord server and join the Cultivation Club today.

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