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🌿 The Cultivation Club

The Club was established in October of last year and was tasked with the management of Community Farms. This was a first step towards Community Governance for the Trader Joe platform and enabled the Club members to vote on deploying or closing Community Managed Farms. A mandate of 15 Farms in total were managed succesfully over a number of months. But we have larger plans for the Cultivation Club, and the next step is now here.

🌿 New: The Bounty Program Initiative

Trader Joe is here to make DeFi accessible and at the heart of this mission, is the Community. Contribution and involvement from the Community will help to shape and push forward the development of the Trader Joe platform.

We introduce the Bounty Program Initiative and therefore broaden the scope of involvement for the Cultivation Club. The Club now have the power to open proposals for bounty work, reward Community contribution, and empower the Community to help shape the Trader Joe platform.

An initial sum of $20,000 USDC is now available to utilise for Community bounties. These bounties can be proposed by the Cultivation Club directly. If a proposal is voted in by the Cultivation Club, the bounties will then be pushed live for Contribution. All rewards are decided and distributed by the Committee Panel, elected Community members charged with the management of the Cultivation Club.

TLDR: If you have an idea or proposal of contribution to the Trader Joe Community and Platform (Marketing Content, Collateral, Graphics, Analytics, Reporting, Documentation, etc) you can now put forward this suggestion to the Cultivation Club. If approved a Bounty will be announced and the winning contribution rewarded.

Cultivation Club is hosted on the Trader Joe Discord: Link Here

🌿 Recognising Community Contributions

below contributions were self-starter projects from Community members and have therefore been rewarded by the Trader Joe Team directly for their valued contributions to the Trader Joe Community.

Community Member: XKPea

Development of a veJOE Boost Calculator, allowing users to accurately calculate ‘Boost APR’ for veJOE Farms.

Link here:

  • Bounty Awarded: $1000 💰

Community Member: Edwin Boyette

Edwin has produced a range of content used to track and market veJOE staking. Formats range from spreadsheets, tweet threads, and video formats uploaded to his popular YouTube channel.

Follow his Twitter Account:

Check out his spreadsheet to track a range of metrics:

  • Bounty Awarded: $1000 💰

🌿 Bounty Initiative: Tokenomics Infographics

The 1st official bounty initiative kicked off was a bounty for the budding DeFi Marketers out there. Two tasks were set for the Community, with a total prize pool of $1000 split between the two tasks. All submissions were voted on by the Committee Panel, who are 10 elected Cultivation Club members.

Task: Explain the JOE Tokenomics using an infographic

🌿 Task 1

Design an infographic that provides a high-level overview of the JOE Token Ecosystem

1st Place awarded $300: Lesto 💰

1st Place: Lesto

2nd Place awarded $100: Chodslav 💰

2nd Place: Chodslav

3rd Place awarded $100: Max Mantegna 💰

3rd Place: Max Mantegna

🌿 Task 2

Design an infographic that clearly explains and articulates: veJOE Staking

1st Place awarded $300: Max Mantegna 💰

1st Place: Max Mantegna

2nd Place awarded $100: Chodslav 💰

2nd Place: Chodislav

3rd Place awarded $100: Sammy Nguyen 💰

3rd Place: Sammy Nguyen

Booby Prize Award $50: Thorbop 💰

Awarded for his creative use of the JOE Bot to fuse together JOEs, Colour and a rather complex formula.

🌿 What’s next?

Bounty proposed: veJOE Leaderboard

With the veJOE wars upon us and a number of projects looking to make moves to accumulate veJOE, we open a new bounty for the development of a veJOE Leaderboard.

Requirements: Track JOEs staked, veJOE accumulated and veJOE Farm TVL + any other important metric deemed noteable to track and report.

Bounty reward: $2000 prize pot allocated by the Cultivation Committee

How to get involved in the Club? Jump into the discord:

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