Bulletin Board: May 31st

A Month in the Joe-verse…

You can’t help but be impressed when you find one of those local shops that’ve been around for generations. The ones that have stuck around long enough to get a plaque to commemorate their countless decades of operation. It’s amazing. Think about all the tough times these places must have endured, yet they survived it all. How?

Say hello to Joepegs…

The wait is over. Our very own NFT marketplace has finally arrived: Joepegs.

  • Wen custom indexer?
  • … June is a nice month ☀
  • Batch reveals & whitelist capabilities — We’ve got that too.
  • A custom indexer that will turn our backend into a well-oiled machine (a.k.a. blazingly fast loading speeds + new searching & filtering features + a brand-new user dashboard) — yep.

$JOE Token Updates

Long-gone are the days where people could “claim” that $JOE has no utility.

  • Stake in rJOE to gain access to Rocket Joe launches
  • Stake in veJOE to boost certain farming yields
  • Join the veJOE Wars by getting involved with one of our partners (more on that later…)
  • Use JOE as Collateral on Yeti Finance, More Money Finance, or other partners

What is DEX V2?

… A new DeFi Innovation. Concentrated Liquidity, Single Fee Structure.

The Battle Rages On: veJoe Updates

The veJOE Wars are getting wild. We now have 5 official entrants who have already made it to the battlefield, and with a 6th on the way, you have a huge plethora of new JOE staking and LP farming strategies at your fingertips. Not to mention that with each new entrant, more and more JOE gets blackholed from the supply. Our partners have already locked up over 15.5 million $JOE (~5% of circ supply). You can track these stats here or here.

Farm APR’s as of 5.28.2022
  • Vector Finance: ~107% APR
  • Yield Yak: ~60% APR
  • Beefy Finance: ~26.9% APR

rJOE Launch Updates

If you’ve got any spare JOE lying around, maybe it's time to consider staking to build up a nice bag of rJOE. Rocket Joe season is back on! The team has multiple launch partners lined up for our Rocket Joe program. Just a reminder of why Rocket Joe is so great:

  • UX done the Trader Joe way, deposit AVAX and you’re away
  • Fair launch friendly, facilitates organic price discovery and suppresses bad-actor-bots from sniping
  • Projects can kickstart their liquidity and bootstrap a sustainable token economy for the long run

So who’s launching next…

WyndBlast… a play-to-earn multiplayer cooperative game. The game takes place in the Chronica Sola Verse, a mystical land where players can take control of Wynds (dragons), recruit Riders, forge equipment, fight enemies (PVE) and compete with one another (PVP).

Access the Launch event 👇

Castle Crush

Wildlife Studios is one of the largest mobile gaming developers in the world. With over 70+ games under their tool belt, they’re now taking their first foray into the world of blockchain gaming — Castle Crush… and they’re doing it right here with Trader Joe and Avalanche.

Castle Crush Timelines

  • The whitelistNFT mint will take place on June 6th
  • Public mint will be on June 13th.
  • Castle Crush AMA with Trader Joe — Video

Protocol News

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