Trader Joe & Beefy Partnership — Part 2

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4 min readSep 20, 2021


We at Trader Joe are proud to be continuing our friendship with Beefy Finance, bringing you some of the best farming opportunities in the Avalanche space.

Beefy to date have locked more than $30,000,000 TVL in Avalanche in just a few weeks — these are some of the TraderJoe vaults that are currently auto-compounding for Beefy users.

In this document you will find an introduction to the Beefy Vaults, Trader Joe Farms, and a very useful guide on how to bridge….oh and a contest to win some $AVAX at the end, so read all the way through!

The Beefy Finance & Trader Joe Friendship

Beefy Finance is a Decentralized, flexible Multi-Chain Yield Optimizer platform that allows users to stake tokens in ‘Vaults’ and earn compound interest on their crypto holdings. Beefy Finance is also a supported partner of Trust Wallet, Binance’s official decentralized wallet, making them a credible and influential force in the DeFi space.

Greener Pastures

Trader Joe & Beefy Finance

As a symbol of Trader Joe and Beefy Finance’s friendship, Trader Joe will launch a BIFI-AVAX Farmers Market with a 2x Multiplier. Trader Joe will also be launching a BNB-AVAX farm with a 3x Multiplier. These multipliers will only last for a limited time, so jump in fast to get the boosted APRs.

The farms, as well as the aforementioned vaults, will go live simultaneously on Tuesday 19, so keep an eye on Trader Joe and Beefy Finance’s official twitter accounts for more information.

Are you liking these opportunities but have yet to cross a bridge to the Avalanche ecosystem? Keep reading, we have some bridging information you might find useful.

Good Bridging to you sir

To travel over to the Avalanche eco, you will need to ‘bridge’ your assets to the ‘C-chain’ (The chain where all smart-contracts live in Avalanche).

In order to have gas (AVAX) to pay for transactions, you can send it directly to your wallet through Centralized Exchanges, like Binance, or Kucoin (No KYC).

Doing this is easy. You just need to create an account in any of those and fund your wallet with AVAX (either buying it in the exchange or sending it from BSC). Later you can withdraw them almost instantly.

How to withdraw your AVAX from Binance to C-chain directly

In order to send the AVAX to your wallet, you need to add your 0x address to your Binance Whitelist. To do this go to , press Add address, and complete the fields like in this example.

After that, go to your Spot Wallet, choose AVAX, select Withdraw, and complete the required fields like in the next image, and press the new Withdraw button.

In less than 1 minute I received the AVAX directly on my C-Chain wallet.

You can use this method to send all of your funds in AVAX, and rebuy the tokens you wish on TraderJoe.

If you want to use the above method to only send enough AVAX for gas, you can use on-chain bridges to send your other tokens. We will explain how to send BIFI through Anyswap, but you can send stables easily through bridges like Celer Bridge or Stables.

Anyswap — How to send BIFI (or BNB)

This process is exactly the same for BNB, though sending BNB might have fees while BIFI is free. To bridge BIFI to Avalanche you need to be connected to the Avalanche network, and enter Anyswap your BSC BIFI will appear on the top, and your receiving chain in the bottom. Just press Swap and wait to receive it.

You will receive your BIFI in the Avalanche C-chain. If you have any issues bridging or looking for more information don’t hesitate to ask in our Discord channel #Avalanche.

Want to win some gas money (AVAX)?

To celebrate the new farms and vaults, Trader Joe and Beefy Finance are offering some earning opportunities for early adopters.

For your chance to win a share of $600 in AVAX ($100 x 6) follow the below instructions

  • Cross Anyswap or the Binance bridge
  • Deposit more than $100 in any of the BNB-AVAX vaults or new Farms (BNB/AVAX + BIFI/AVAX) at Trader Joe’s.
  • Follow @traderjoe_xyz and @beefyfinance on Twitter
  • Complete this form to enter

Winners will be randomly selected from the valid entries on the 1st of October.

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