Trader Joe AMA: DOMI Online


Harley: COO

Pellek: CEO

Q. Please provide an overview of DOMI Online

Q. Can you tell us about the latest progress of the game?

Q. Can you tell us more about the play-to-earn aspect of Domi Online, how are you doing things that create a stable long-term ecosystem for your community?

Q. DeFi Injection … so can you expand on that a bit further? How are you planning to implement that and manage it?

Development Progress Update

Q. Can you talk about the tech behind DOMI? Are you perhaps planning to deploy on a subnet?

Community Qs

Q. In an interview, PelleK stated that guild housing will be obtainable by staking DOMI tokens. Is there one specific size of guild housing or will staking longer give the opportunity for even more rare housing? And are these guild houses a transferrable/tradable NFT?

Q. With Axie infinity, the other p2e game, it appears that the more users join the game the more expensive the cost is to play the game especially as the price of Axie went up. How is Domi addressing this issue?

Q. In a game so heavily focused on PvP, what steps are you going to take — both before and after launch — to ensure that (1) abilities/skills remain balanced, and (2) players aren’t hacking or cheating in some way. After all, a lot will be on the line!

Q. Are the nfts immutable? And also will interoperable with other chains where you can store them let's say in an ETH wallet?

Q. How long is the mobs are gonna follow us? Will it be possible to run away? And what class will be the best to survive?

Q. Can you say something about system requirements? And maybe also about the OS?

Q. How open will the Alpha Access in Q3 be?

About Domi Online

About Trader Joe



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