The Trader Joe Thesis


Core Values

  1. Build Fast and Securely
  2. Be Innovative and Different
  3. Put the Avalanche Community First


Phase 1:

Phase 2 (July-August):

Phase 3 (August & beyond):




Hiring Values

  • Have freedom to pursue something they find interesting
  • And feel like they are supported in their roles in every way.


Earn Fees as Token Holder

Vote on Governance

  • All governance will be done off-chain via Snapshot.
  • There will be no minimum requirement of JOE to create a proposal.
  • You will be able to vote even when your JOE is staked in xJOE or the JOE/AVAX farm.
  • 1 JOE free in your wallet = 1 vote
  • 1 JOE staked in xJOE = 1 vote
  • 1 JOE staked in JOE/AVAX farm = 2 votes

Token Distribution

Cliffs and Vesting


  • Marketing expenses
  • Paying contractors/freelancers (these are usually designers)
  • Running competitions for community engagement

Token Emission Schedule

  • Fixed supply of 500M
  • 33% emitted after 3 months
  • 55% emitted after 6 months
  • 80% emitted after 12 months
  • 100% emitted after 30 months


  1. Carry out the community’s wishes.
  2. Or discuss the matter in a series of debates and try to find a diplomatic resolution (through compromise).
  • Whom the team hires.
  • General roadmap direction. E.g. If the community decides they want an NFT marketplace but the team does not want to build one nor do they think it’s the right direction, then the team will not do it.

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