The Trader Joe Roadmap — Q1 2022

Coming Early Q1

  1. Rocket Joe: DeFi Innovation for Decentralised Exchanges
  2. Tokenomics Overhaul: Reduce sell pressure, return value
  3. Decentralised Marketplace: Supporting NFT/Metaverse culture on Avalanche

We forked, we built and now we innovate

We are committed to driving the continued expansion of the Avalanche Ecosystem. Trader Joe will become a hub for DeFi innovation and an ambassador for NFT & Metaverse culture on the Avalanche Blockchain. To support this ambition, we are currently in the process of doubling our engineering, research, and quant teams. Trader Joe will nurture and accelerate the emerging consumer trends of the metaverse, tying in the natural synergies of DeFi.

The route ahead has been set, we plan to break new ground in DeFi R&D.

1. Rocket Joe

Liquidity Launch Protocol for the Secondary Market

Trader Joe will become a hub, for DeFi Innovation

  • Swap, Stake, Farm, Lend, Borrow, and soon…Launch, with Rocket Joe

Rocket Joe will solve:

  • Token DEX Listings being front-run by bots
  • Price manipulation caused by low liquidity — users get a fair token price
  • Network congestion spikes caused by concentrated DEX listing activity
  • DeFi 2.0 friendly: Protocols can bootstrap protocol owned liquidity (POL)

The new DeFi Primitive: Rocket Joe

This is not an IDO Launchpad, this is a liquidity launch platform that enables price discovery and token distribution at the secondary market list price. Rocket Joe will facilitate a fair and equitable distribution of new launch tokens and expand the JOE Token ecosystem by providing users with further utility and options for their JOE Tokens.

Wen Rocket Joe?

We will continue to share material in the coming weeks and will keep the community close to development progress and launch expectations.

We anticipate that the Launch will commence ‘soon’.

Rocket Joe Whitepaper will be published and shared

Rocket Joe, lets go

2. Tokenomics Overhaul

It’s coded.

Joenomics V2

The current xJOE tokenomics are not incentivizing yield farmers across the DEX and Lending protocol enough to hold JOE Tokens. Therefore, we will overhaul the existing tokenomics design to encourage stickier capital by offering more staking options & benefits to suit a variety of users.

Own, earn and share

The JOE Token ecosystem will be both revamped and expanded

More options for Staking:

  • Stake your JOE to enter the JOE Ecosystem
  • You can then Farm Stable Joe
  • Or Farm Rocket Joe
  • Or do a mixture of both
  • Soft cooldowns implemented to encourage longer-term staking
  • Mechanisms in place to prevent ‘gaming’ between Staking options
  • Staking UX enhanced to improve accessibility for new DeFi users

Wen new Tokenomics?

This overhaul is coming very soon. The fundamental changes will deploy ahead of Rocket Joe. When Rocket Joe deploys shortly thereafter, the JOE Token ecosystem will be expanded to incorporate the additional utility that Rocket Joe will bring for Stakers.

Detailed tokenomics paper to be shared ahead of deployment

3. Decentralized Marketplace

JOEPEGs (Trader Joe NFTs)

  • The JOEPEG collection was originally planned to launch in December.
  • This has now been pushed back to release in Q1 2022.
  • Anyone currently on the WL for a JOEPEG, will remain on the WL

Why have we delayed JOEPEGs?

The delay of JOEPEGs comes with a surprise, we’ve been busy expanding the scope of our original plans for a storefront and instead, we have been building an entire marketplace. We plan for JOEPEGs to be the first officially listed collection when the marketplace opens.

The Decentralised Marketplace Vision

The emerging trend of the Metaverse is set to continue gathering momentum in 2022. As technology continues to develop and society explores new ways to interact with assets and each other, we plan to develop and launch a Decentralised Marketplace to accelerate this trend. Trader Joe will become an ambassador of NFT culture and will develop a market-leading platform, to ignite the growth and integration of the metaverse, on the Avalanche blockchain.

Wen Marketplace?

The Marketplace will follow shortly after Rocket Joe launches

Fluffy Doodle NFTs

To Conclude

Strong foundations for Q1 have been laid, delivering a tri-pronged plan that will drive the growth of the Trader Joe ecosystem for the betterment of Avalanche and our community. We will double down on our strengths, remaining agile, building fast, and incubating the latest in DeFi innovation — creating a one-stop-shop DeFi experience, like no other.

About Trader Joe

Trader Joe is a one-stop-shop decentralized trading platform native to the Avalanche blockchain. Trader Joe builds fast, securely and aims to serve the community at the frontier of DeFi. Maximize your yield generating activities under one fully integrated roof, providing you with a unique, innovative, and highly accessible DeFi experience.

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