The First Ever Double Reward Farm on Avalanche: Avalaunch x Trader Joe

Trader Joe
2 min readJun 29, 2021



  • When: July 3rd 2021 14:00 UTC — July 17th 2021 14:00 UTC
  • Duration: 2 weeks
  • Emissions: 0.0062 XAVA / second (7500 XAVA in total)
  • Farm: AVAX-XAVA

We’re proud to announce our first double reward farm partner: Avalaunch!

We absolutely love Avalaunch for their proactiveness in building relations and working together with other Avalanche projects in order to help the ecosystem grow as one — a vision that we very much share at Trader Joe. They’re also in the process of bringing some new projects to Avalanche, something we’re all very excited about!

As part of this partnership, our AVAX-XAVA farm will also emit XAVA in addition to JOE for two weeks. This presents the first time ever that double reward farming will be available on Avalanche! We’re both super excited to bring this to the Avalanche community and believe that double reward farming can pave a way to a new generation of yield farming that encourages more partnerships between projects.

About Avalaunch:

Avalaunch is a fundraising platform for new projects on Avalanche that focuses on what matters most when looking at fostering an evolving ecosystem:

  • Provide fair distribution of tokens in a way that encourages long-term holders and participation.
  • Create a platform that rewards smaller participants, making sure committed community members are properly inventized.
  • Support, instead of commoditize, strong teams looking for a reliable and transparent launch partner.
  • Ensure that large holders and bots cannot dominate sales.
  • Offer first-in-class infrastructure for professional teams building for the long-term.

They recently partnered with KuCoin, which will give new projects launched under Avalaunch a direct line of consideration to listing on the exchange. This very much reflects Avalaunch’s ethos of hands-on care and management for the new projects they work with: they like to help projects out on every aspect of their launch from tokenomics design, branding and marketing to connections to potential partners.

We also hear that they’re due to launch their platform very soon with some exciting new projects that they’re helping incubate! Definitely a project you want to be looking out for! Find out more on