Rocket Joe, Limitless Liquidity Launch platform on the Trader Joe


Rocket Joe

What is Rocket Joe?

Core Protocol Features

How can we access Rocket Joe Liquidity Launches?

How to acquire rJOE?

How to use rJOE?

High-Level user guide for Rocket Joe

Rocket Joe: 5 steps for Launching


Phase 1: Deposit (2 days)

Phase 2: Withdrawal (1 day) (Optional)

Phase 3: Launch (Up to 7 days)


How has Rocket Joe been built differently?

Rocket Joe compared to alternative solutions

Key Summary of Rocket Joe


Want to read the whitepaper?

📝Linked here

FAQ Section

Do I have to do anything with my JOE / xJOE now?

What is Protocol Owned Liquidity (POL)

Can I withdraw from Rocket Joe?

Why is there a withdrawal fee?

If withdrawing do users get AVAX or rJOE back?

Where is the withdrawal fee paid?

Under-subscription or Over-subscription

Why is rJOE needed?

How can I earn rJOE?

Are there limits when staking for rJOE?

What happens to rJOE after it is spent?

Is rJOE transferable?

Can users participate in multiple Rocket Joe Launches?

Is Rocket Joe permissionless?

About Trader Joe



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