Rocket Joe Launch Partners: Echidna and Vector

Rocket Joe Launch Partners #3 & #4: Echidna and Vector

What are the Curve Wars?

How does Platypus Finance fit in?

What is Platypus Finance?

Get ready to Duel

🚀Launch Partner: Echidna Finance

Echidna: Launch Protocol Overview

  • Aim to build the largest treasury of PTP for vePTP accumulation
  • Leverage Echidna’s vePTP treasury to earn up to triple-digit yield
  • Simplify the process by a) removing the need to constantly claim PTP and b) enabling users to freely withdraw PTP without losing their boost rewards
  • Reward users in native ECD token and additional PTP rewards
  • Brand and Community focused integration with Platypus, the Echidna is the only other Mammel that lays an egg (like a Platypus).
  • Audited by Omniscia (Same auditor as Platypus)

Echidna: Key Details

Echidna: Platypus LP Token Holders

  • Generate the highest possible return on stablecoins via Echidna’s vePTP treasury
  • No withdrawal penalty and 10-month accumulation period
  • Removes the issue of optimized capital allocation between PTP and stablecoins
  • Removes the issue of exposing users to PTP price volatility

Echidna: PTP Holders

  • PTP token holders can convert their PTP for ecdPTP and stake ecdPTP to earn Echidna’s native LP token ECD
  • Echidna rewards users for contributing to the PTP treasury by tokenizing vePTP with ECD to increase liquidity and fungibility of vePTP
  • ecdPTP stakers are entitled to a bonus allocation of all PTP generated by Echidna as a bonus reward, boosting yields further.

Echidna: ECD Holders

  • Users can lock ECD to accumulate veECD, which accumulates over time and gives voting power over the governance of Echidna and Platypus via our vePTP treasury.

Echidna: Tokenomics

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🚀 Launch Partner: Vector Finance

Vector: Launch Protocol Overview

  • Users can deposit stablecoins and receive boosted yields via Vector’s accumulated vePTP balance
  • Vector accumulates and holds PTP so users don’t have to, providing greater flexibility
  • Vector accrues PTP voting power by accruing vePTP, increasing the influence of the VTX token
  • Vector Finance are comprised of the Magnet DAO Team and therefore will be leveraging the strength of the Magnet DAO Protocol and Community to help jump start the success of the Vector Finance Protocol.
  • Audited by Omniscia (Same auditor as Platypus)

Vector: Key Details

Vector: PTP Holders

  • Convert PTP to xPTP
  • Stake xPTP and earn a share of the performance fees generated by the VTX platform
  • Receive rewards in PTP and VTX

Vector: Stablecoin Depositors

  • Deposit stablecoins
  • Receive boosted yields, though Vector’s accumulated vePTP balance
  • Receive rewards in PTP and VTX

Vector: Liquidity Providers

  • Supply liquidity for PTP-xPTP and/or AVAX-VTX on Trader Joe
  • Stake the LP tokens on our platform
  • Receive rewards in VTX
  • Stake that for a percentage of the protocol’s profit

Vector: Tokenomics

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Rocket Joe Launch Details

Vector and Echidna are launching exclusively via Rocket Joe

🔹 Launch Parameters


  • Supply: 4m (4% of total Tokens)
  • Bonus Tokens: 500k (+12.5% Bonus)
  • Airdrop TGE: 300k (0.3% of total Tokens)


  • Supply: 15m (3% of total Tokens)
  • Bonus Tokens: 1.875m (+12.5% Bonus)
  • Max Cap per User: 1000 AVAX
  • Airdrop TGE: 1.5m (0.3% of total Tokens)


  • LP Lock Time: 3 days ***
  • Withdrawal Fee: 5% Max
  • Double Reward Farms to be deployed for both

🔹 Rocket Joe Timeline

  • 24th February — 1:30PM UTC — Twitter Spaces AMA 🎙
  • 24th February — 6PM UTC — Deposit Opens
  • 26th February — 6PM UTC — Deposit Close, Withdraw only
  • 27th February — 6PM UTC — Launch
  • 2nd March — 6PM UTC — Unlock LP and Farm

🔹 How to Access Rocket Joe Launches

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