Rocket Joe Launch Partner: Wyndblast

Rocket Joe Launch Partner #7: Wyndblast

Launch Protocol Overview

  • Wyndblast has already sold out their 9000 NFTs including Wynds and riders
  • Gameplay includes breeding, training/recruiting, forging and PVE&PVP
  • WyndBlast is designed to align incentives for the players while simultaneously rewarding investors that hold on to their tokens
  • Westia Arch Magic Stones ($WAMS) used in the process of breeding, training, and forging will be burnt and removed from the game economy
  • CHRO used in the process of breeding, training, and forging will be sent to WyndBlast Community Treasury to manage governance from CHRO holders
  • Team has passed the KYC process by Assure DeFi

Key Details and Features

There are dual tokens that are used in WyndBlast economy, which are :

CHRO can be used in the game for :

  • Play & spend
  • Stake for more reward
  • Trading of assets
  • Governance of community treasury

Westia Arch Magic Stones (WAMS) can be used for:

  • Only able to obtain through in-game activities
  • Required for breeding, training, and forging

Two types of daily activities in the game that earn rewards:

Direct reward

  • Stage 1: 1 WAMS
  • Stage 2: 1 WAMS
  • Stage 3: 2 WAMS + 7 CHRO (wynd) or 3 CHRO (rider) + 1% chance to receive 1 random elemental stone according to the place of activity

Participation reward

  • For the material that is used in the game, it will be taken out of the economy
  • WAMS — burnt and removed from the game economy
  • CHRO — CHRO will be sent to WydnBlast community treasury to manage governance

Community treasury will receive revenues generated by WyndBlast and a portion of staking reward, and it received the inflows from:-

  • 3.5% of all WyndBlast NFT transactions (Royalty). 1.5% goes to marketing + operational and 2% goes to the treasury
  • The CHRO portion of the breeding, training, and forging fee.

The Gameplay

There are 4 main activities in the gameplay, which are:

  1. Breeding/Training
  2. PVE
  3. Forging
  4. PVP


  • Wynd can be bred from 2 Wynds with the positive traits of their parents
  • Breeding takes 14 days but can be shortened if you interact with Wynd daily
  • Breeding required $CHRO and $WAMS
  • There are 3 tiers of Wynd rarity
  • Wyrmd — Common
  • Draconics — Rare
  • Arch Draconics — Legendary
  • The breeding costs are shown in the table below:-

Training / Recruiting

  • Riders can be taken on the role of mentor and train new recruits to become Mercenary, Veteran Mercenary, or Hero
  • The minimum rider can be set as a mentor is 2, while the maximum rider can be set will be 5
  • Each day recruits will go on an adventure to gain new traits, and once the training is completed, you can pick rider on the remaining recruits
  • The 3 tier rider rarity
  • Mercenary — Common
  • Veteran Mercenary — Rare
  • Hero — Legendary
  • Training required $CHRO and $WAMS


  • New weapons can be forged with material found in battles and the material grade will affect the weapons that going to forge
  • There are 3 tiers of weapon rarity
  • Common
  • Rare
  • Legendary
  • Forging required $CHRO and $WAMS


  • In combat (PVP or PVE), It is required to combine a Wynds and rider to be a blasting unit
  • Battles would require a minimum amount of blast units, and if you do not have enough blast units, it will pair with another person to combat
  • Placing it strategically with the right units is essential for the combat
  • Stats are basic character units of the battle which are as follows:

Health points (HP), Mana points (MP), Health regeneration, Mana regeneration, Attack damage, Magic damage, Armor, Magic resist, Attack speed, Attack range, Critical damage, Critical chance, Move speed — a pretty extensive list

  • Each wynds and riders contain skills which can be breakdown to 3 types of skills
  • Active — used in battle and allowed to execute this skill when condition allows but consumes mana
  • Passive — automatically applied in battle and does not consume mana
  • Ultimate — Similar to active but with substantial effect, and it also required additional conditions such as class stack to activate
  • The full skill lists can be obtained at this link
  • There are 6 elements (4 cardinal elements and 2 unique elements) that have advantages and disadvantages against each other that represented in the chart below :

Useful Gameplay Content




Rocket Joe Launch Details

Launch Timeline

🔹 Launch Parameters

  • Token: $CHRO
  • Supply: 12m (4% of total supply)
  • Bonus Tokens: 0
  • LP Lock Time: 0 days (no lock)
  • Withdrawal Fee: 1% Max
  • Double Reward Farms deployed on Launch

🔹 Rocket Joe Timeline

  • 30th May — 4PM UTC — Deposit Opens
  • 1st June — 4PM UTC — Withdrawal Only
  • 2nd June — 4PM UTC — Launch + Farm

🔹 How to Access Rocket Joe Launches

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