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Rocket Joe Launch Partner #5: Hoppers Game

Rocket Joe’s next exclusive launch partner is Hoppers Game, an idle game where users participate in adventures to stake their Hoppers’ NFTs and earn $FLY. $FLY rewards can also be staked for veFLY, a governance token, with the power to boost $FLY emissions for certain adventures. Adventures are tiered, limited only to Hoppers with specific stats, such as higher Levels and attributes.

Launch Protocol Overview

  • Hoppers NFTs are 10,000 randomly generated unique NFTs with on-chain Attributes that can be staked in Hoppers Game.
  • There are 4 tiers of adventures, with sub-adventures within each tier. Each tier of adventure requires minimum levels or attributes in order to participate and progress.
  • Hopper NFTs with high fertility attributes can be staked for a chance to return a tradable Tadpole NFT.
  • Staking veFLY gives players the chance to vote and divert $FLY emissions to particular adventures, rewarded in proportion to the amount of veFLY staked.

$FLY Is an infinite supply token with the core Token utility being used in the Game to level up your NFT or stake into veFLY. We therefore recommend that participation in the Rocket Joe Launch should be for users who only wish to directly engage and participate in The Hoppers Game.

Get ready to $FLY

Key Details and Features


  • Minting will start on March 11th
  • There are 10,000 randomly generated and unique NFTs
  • There are 32 Legendary NFTs (0.3% of Mint amount)
  • APA Holders will be rewarded a $FLY allocation which starts when Hoppers Game launches and is linearly vested over 6 months
  • Hopper NFT rarity traits (visual) and in-game attributes are not related
  • Hopper NFTs have a naming service that costs 100 $FLY

For more details on the Rarity and Traits visit the docs: Rarity & Traits

Attributes & Levels

  • Each Hopper NFT will have 5 attributes, randomly assigned a value between 1 and 10: Strength, Agility, Vitality, Intelligence, Fertility
  • Hopper NFTs start at level 1 and increase to 100
  • Level up your Hopper NFTs by feeding an amount of $FLY that corresponds to a specific level. More FLY required or higher levels
  • Each level has a $FLY emissions cap which can only be unlocked by leveling up. So you need to level up to earn more $FLY
  • The Prestige / Rebirth mechanic can be utilized when a player’s NFT reaches level 100. This feature returns players to level 1, but increases all attributes scores by 1.

The Game


Take your Hopper on an adventure to earn $FLY Tokens. There are 4 different tiers of Adventures you can take your Hopper on. The different Tiers require higher levels and stat composition.

  • Tier 1: No minimum level of attribute requirements
  • Tier 2: Level 10+ with Min 5 Strength + Intelligence
  • Tier 3: Level 15+ with Min 5 Strength + Agility + Intelligence
  • Tier 4: Level 20+ with Min 5 Strength + Agility + Intelligence + Vitality


Why go on an Adventure? To earn $FLY of course…

  • $FLY is the primary tradable token in the Hopper Game ecosystem, with deflationary mechanisms — burning and staking.
  • $FLY is burnt every time a player levels up their Hopper, hits an emissions cap, changes the name of their hopper, sends on a breeding adventure, or staking $FLY to generate $veFLY


Once you’ve earned $FLY Tokens from an adventure you can decide to either level up your Hopper or stake into veFLY (to earn more $FLY Tokens and also vote for an adventure that earns more $FLY tokens).

  • Staking $FLY will receive a 1:100 ratio of veFLY (non-transferable), generated at the rate of 0.014 veFLY an hour.
  • veFLY is used to increase the total possible emissions on any given adventure.
  • veFLY represents a vote which can be allocated to multiple adventures at once.


You can also send your Hopper to get a tadpole. Breeding is a specific sort of adventure that does not yield any $FLY from staking. Instead, based on your Hoppers’ Fertility attribute, there is a chance for your staked Hopper to return a Tadpole. You can read more about this unique adventure here

Hoppers: Tokenomics and Emissions

FLY Token will have an infinite supply and will emit a consistent amount into the game per day. The planned schedule can be viewed below and also in more detail in the whitepaper linked here

Emission Schedule

Rocket Joe Launch Details

🔹 Launch Parameters

  • Supply: 2.5m (unlimited supply token)
  • Bonus Tokens: 0 (no bonus)
  • LP Lock Time: 0 days (no lock)
  • Withdrawal Fee: 5% Max
  • Double Reward Farms deployed on Launch

🔹 Rocket Joe Timeline

  • 9th March — 6PM UTC — Deposit Opens
  • 11th March — 6PM UTC — Withdrawal Only
  • 12th March — 6PM UTC — Launch + Farm

🔹 How to Access Rocket Joe Launches

To access exclusive Rocket Joe Launches, you must acquire rJOE. You can acquire rJOE from Staking JOE. To find out more details about Rocket Joe and rJOE Staking, you can check out the following docs linked below:

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