Rocket Joe Launch Partner: Fief Guild

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4 min readFeb 12, 2022

Rocket Joe Launch Partner #2: Fief Guild

Fief is a first-of-its-kind economic Metaverse guild built on Avalanche. Through metaverse asset collection and management, Fief will leverage factionalized membership to amass elite merchant guild members, rewarded in the $FIEF utility token, and a treasury of high-value GameFi assets.

The vision of Fief Guild

Fief will be staging a massive capitalization and asset acquisition campaign through 2022. The ultimate goal is to acquire enough assets to:

  • Corner key markets across the metaverse
  • Drive scarcity and value premium for assets within token economies of which Fief is a participant
  • Require every guild, user, and project to conduct their business via the Fief platform

Fief will become the primary holder and supplier of key metaverse assets

Intro to FIEF Guild

Protocol Overview

  • Banking Guild of the Metaverse, the Initial Guild Membership (IGM) sale will bootstrap treasury growth.
  • The treasury will be deployed to capture key metaverse assets from innovative protocols, placing emphasis on NFT token utility.
  • Building protocols (eg Marketplace) on top of the platform to capture additional revenue streams to return value beyond the treasury management.

FIEF Token

  • Aspires to become the most productive metaverse token on Avalanche & beyond
  • Used for payments within the Fief economy
  • Reward token for Faction productivity
  • Regular token buybacks with yield from metaverse activity
  • 500M FIEF will be minted with 65% (325M) linearly released to IGM NFT holders
  • Token emissions from the NFTs will begin on the 3rd of March
Fief ecosystem
Fief Ecosystem


Purchase an NFT from Fief and receive Fief Token emissions over a 200 day period released linearly via an auto-staking functionality.

  • IGM NFTs come in a variety of rare coat-of-arm membership NFTs
  • Rarities: Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Majestic
  • IGM NFTs correspond to 5 major factions
  • Factions: Merchant, Craftsman, Farmer, Bishop, and Alchemist
  • 3,221 IGM NFTs will be sold per faction, equalling a total of 16,105 NFTs
  • IGM NFTs will allow holders to acquire $FIEF
  • IGM sale will reward the purchase of high rarity NFTs and early adopters

The Fief Public Mint will start on the 3rd of March


NFTs Each faction pertains to a specific role within the Fief ecosystem. Faction members will receive rewards in assisting the growth of the treasury.

  • Merchants: Fief NFT swaps/marketplace activity
  • Craftsman: In-game item activity
  • Farmers: LAND and virtual world activity
  • Bishops: In-game fungible token activity
  • Alchemists: Traditional Defi protocol activity
Factions comparison sheet

Fief Marketplace

Fief will soon be launching the Fief Marketplace, a multi-chain NFT marketplace that is entirely focused on in-game and guild assets. This protocol is expected to live by the end of February.

How does this tie into the above Factions?

The Fief Marketplace is the primary protocol under the control of the Merchant Faction. This means that fees and select decision-making related to the NFT marketplace will fall under the umbrella of the Merchants.

Rocket Joe Launch Details

🔹Launch Details

  • Supply: 20,000,000 (4% of total supply)
  • Bonus issuing tokens: 2,000,000 (+10% Bonus for participants)
  • Post-launch Liquidity mining rewards (Farm): JOE + AVAX (1 Month) 🔺
  • No Min or Max allocation to participate
  • Withdrawal Phase: Fixed 10% Fee to withdraw

Fair Launched, exclusive to Rocket Joe and no token unlocks on Rocket Joe

🔹Rocket Joe Timeline

  • 13th February — 7pm UTC — Twitter Spaces AMA 🎙
  • 14th February — 6PM UTC — Deposit Opens
  • 16th February — 6PM UTC — Deposit Close, Withdraw only
  • 17th February — 6PM UTC — Launch
  • 24th February — 6PM UTC — Unlock LP and farm

To enter the Rocket Joe Fief Guild Launch, you must acquire rJOE. YOu can acquire rJOE from Staking JOE. To find out more details about Rocket Joe and rJOE Staking, you can check out the following docs linked below:

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