Joepegs Marketplace: What To Expect

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5 min readApr 25, 2022

High Level

  • LaunchPEG: NFT Launchpad capable of supporting Dutch Auctions, Ascending Auctions, Flat Mints and Whitelists
  • Batch Reveal: Customisable time delay batch reveal feature
  • Collection Tiers: Unverified, Verified and Gold Tier
  • Artist Support: Contract creation and exposure
  • Permissionless: Joepegs will index all compatible NFT collections
  • Community: Club Joepegs and Incubators

At launch, the Joepegs marketplace will deliver a range of core features, allowing users to list, trade, and mint NFTs from the get-go.


The Joepegs marketplace will feature an NFT launchpad, capable of minting collections in a range of styles from Dutch auctions to Flat mints.


LaunchPEG will support the most common minting method, ‘Flat Mints’. Collections will go on sale at a fixed price and continue until all NFTs have sold.

White List

Collections launching on Joepegs will have the option of whitelisting the wallet addresses of valued community members for exclusive launch perks e.g. price discounts.

Batch Reveal

NFT projects will have the ability to delay collection reveals until a time of their choosing. This feature will support price floors in the short term and contribute to a great launch-day atmosphere.

Additional Launchpad Modes

Detailed in the Roadmap section at the end of the article

Collection Tiers

Joepegs will reserve a section of the marketplace for ‘verified’ collections, with visible collection pages. This will highlight premium collections in the Avalanche ecosystem, promoting excellence and stimulating friendly competition.

There will be three tiers: Unverified, Verified, and Gold

Unverified (No Badge)

  • Until verified, indexed collections will be search-only


  • Projects are authenticated as the original collection
  • Baseline metrics required

Gold Tier

  • Certified projects who exceed the standard performance variables

Artist Support

Joepegs will run a contract creation service to accommodate creators with limited web3 experience. This aims to increase NFT adoption and give exposure to innovative creatives. Contracts will be flexible and intuitive, giving artists complete control over collection parameters.


Joepegs will index Avalanche compatible NFT contracts, all of which will be made available to search and trade. Joepegs Marketplace will be a new user-friendly platform, for every collection on Avalanche.


NFT listing price’s will be stored off-chain. This means that users will not need to submit a transaction when listing their NFT.


All collections will be searchable by their trait-based categories, making it easier than ever before to find the exact NFT you are looking for.

Confirmed Launch Partners



Acclaimed cartoon satirist Uğur Gürsoy will launch a brand new, never before seen collection. Firat is Avalanche’s top selling NFT collection and will be the first to launch on the Joepegs marketplace.



Fantasy-themed role-playing game Eternity sees groups of heroes battle in near real-time while earning in-game items and rewards. Each loot-box NFT will unlock several random characters, with loot-boxes tiered from common to mythic.

The Person


From the artist who brought us ‘Feelings’, the first notable fine art collection on Avalanche, comes a collection of NFTs depicting the broad spectrum of human existence, from the familiar to the bizarre.

More Partners

Stay tuned — more announcements coming soon



Introducing Club Joepegs, Trader Joe’s lifetime membership pass. The launch of Trader Joe’s first official NFT Collection on the Joepegs marketplace unlocks a new era of exclusive community participation. Genesis holders will gain exposure to exclusive quests, and rewards, from airdrops to free NFTs and premium JOE merch drops.


In order to make sure Joepegs is supporting the best up-and-coming NFT projects, the marketplace will partner with key community figures to help nurture innovation in the space. Our first incubator is a battle-tested group of builders, who know how to throw a great party…

JOE Merch Store

Official JOE Merch is coming. Joepegs will launch a new Merch Store for premium and limited drops of Trader Joe branded apparel, pushing the boundaries of NFT Web 3 culture into the physical world.


Shortly after the launch of the Joepegs marketplace, a range of additional features will be implemented. These planned features will follow in the coming weeks following the ‘beta launch’ of the Marketplace.

1. LaunchPEG: NFT Launchpad

This new innovative Launchpad will deploy additional auction functionalities shortly after the Marketplace has officially opened. Expect a 1–2 week timeline for these Launchpad features to go live.

Dutch Auction

Collections can run an auction of randomized NFTs in which the price starts high and decreases regularly over time. This style of auction is gathering momentum for its approach to organic price discovery and fair distribution, whilst deterring botted mints and stabilizing price floors.

Ascending Auction

Ideal for 1/1 sales or listing rare NFTs, ascending auctions start at a low price and increase based on competitive bids.

2. Key Features

Rarity + NFT search within collections

Users will be able to search and measure the rarity of individual NFTs on Joepegs, with clear breakdowns of rarity scores for each.

Creator Customisation

Collection owners will be able to personally manage collection page details including icon, banner, bio and social links.

Profile Customisation

Collectors will be able to access and customise their profile on the Joepegs platform.

Social Engagement for NFTs

Users will be able to support individual NFTs by ‘liking’ them, increasing the social aspect of NFT trading and collection desirability.

Abuse Reports

Collections that go against community values and guidelines will be reportable by individual users. This will help keep Joepegs users safe and prevent fraudulent activity.

We can’t wait to welcome you all to our new NFT marketplace. Joepegs will bring a fresh NFT trading experience to Avalanche, introducing new and innovative features that will grow the ecosystem and support creators.


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