Introducing the Farmer’s Market

At Trader Joe, we’re all about trying new ideas and doing things differently. So we’re introducing a new way of farming with a twist, which we call the Farmer’s Market!

The concept is simple: every week, we choose one community farm to boost to 20x multiplier for 3 days.

The first boost will occur this Friday July 9th 10am EST — Monday July 11th 10am EST and the chosen farm will be a surprise — you won’t know until the time it starts 😁

The goal of Farmer’s Market is to two-fold:

  1. To give a chance to smaller community farms to earn more JOE.

We’ve always said one of our core values is putting the Avalanche community first. And we hope this little fun twist in yield farming will be both engaging and inclusive for the community!

Want to know which community farm gets chosen this week?

Make sure to follow us to find out!

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