Get Rush Ready — Joe Rush Is Here

Phase 1 is about to begin 🔺

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4 min readOct 25, 2021


  • Phase 1: Details
  • Farm Migration
  • How to Participate: Instructions
  • Cultivation Club

Today: Joe Rush to deploy ~10–11pm (GMT)

Phase 1 Details

MIM Launching on Banker Joe

Banker Joe: Double Rewards

  • Magic Internet Money ($MIM) Token added to Banker Joe
  • MIM Boosted with Lending & Borrowing double rewards
  • MIM Boosted for 30 days

Farms: Double Rewards

  • JOE / AVAX (30 days)
  • SPELL / AVAX (15 days only)
  • YAK / AVAX (15 days only)
  • XAVA / AVAX (15 days only)

The next farm rotation for new the Joe Rush farms, will happen in 15 days time. We will communicate the plans ASAP.

Community Farms

  • The Team also have an allocation of AVAX incentives to enhance any newly launched Community Farm from the Cultivation Club

Joe Rush Farms Page

When you deposit into a Joe Rush farm, you will see the double rewards, both in terms of the APR being generated as well as the volume and value of the rewards you are yielding.

Joe Rush Farms — you will see both rewards accuring

🔺Farm Migration: MIGRATE 2 GENERATE 🔺

If you are currently staking in any of the Joe Rush selected farms:

All Joe Rush farms will be receiving double rewards (JOE + AVAX). These Double rewards are paid out via a new smart contract that will be deployed, this means you will have to migrate your token to the new farm when it opens

So what do I have to do?

You will have to move your existing farm token, if it is in the Joe Rush selected farm pair, the confirmed list of Joe Rush farms below:





How? … This is a simple process:

  1. Simply un-stake from the existing Farm.
  2. Then re-stake the same token, but into the new Farm.

The Joe Rush farms will be marked and easily identifiable, eg:

Joe Rush Farms — special spot on the website :)

⏰Migration Timings ⏰

  1. Joe Rush Deploys and the new Farms open
  2. You can now migrate your existing Farm tokens
  3. The ‘old farms’ have rewards instantly shut off

How to Participate — Instructions

Are you on the Avalanche Network?

If you do not have existing assets on the Avalanche Network, you will need to bridge assets over from a support exchange or from another chain.

Please check out the following documents for some guides on how to do that.

How do you earn double rewards?

If you have assets ready on the Avalanche network, simply head on over to the website and follow the process below

  1. Trade for any of the Joe Rush pairings (eg AVAX + JOE)
  2. Deposit those tokens into the chosen pool
  3. Then deposit your Pool Token (JLP) into your chosen Joe Rush farm
  4. Sit back and let the double rewards build-up, simple

Cultivation Club — Joe Rush

I’m an ayyland Joe, tryna farm some mmoeee

The Cultivation Club launched earlier today and is now in the process of setting up a voting mechanism and preparing to review the launch of some potential new Community Farms.

The Cultivation Club is a Community Farm Management program, this means that The Trader Joe Team will no longer be making the decisions for launching ‘Community Farms’

To read about the specifics and understand how you can join the Club to help build stronger foundations for new/promising projects on Avalanche, check out the article:

As part of the Trader Joe Commitment to helping the Avalanche Ecosystem thrive, the Team will use a portion of the Avalanche incentives, to boost new Community Farms that the Cultivation Club decide to launch. Details will be shared as and when possible.

In Summary

Get ready for the return of double rewards

#RushReady #JoeRush

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