Elk Finance + Trader Joe — Farm & Trade Competition — Results!

Trader Joe
2 min readOct 13, 2021


gm & gb

The Elk Finance + Trader Joe trading competition has concluded

It was a hard-fought competition, but the results are in. Below is the list of provisional winners of the TJ-Elk Trading Competition along with their ROI%

🥇 5,04% ROI — 0xD6EdBc39162Dbd51789A6a3e693A27d5bFA0B074
🥈 4,92% ROI — 0xe05C2080267c3889Deb0185e104a7a6acAcaCfa9
🥉 -7,25% ROI — 0x01652760206B92b203cb0A95FD510f746A24202b

(Original winner scored a 56% ROI. This participant was disqualified due to swapping back 3 hours over the deadline)

▶️ ROI% was determined by taking end balance/starting balance in USDT.e only. Any tokens not converted to USDT.e by the end of the competition were not considered
▶️ As stipulated in the rules, contestants needed to transfer funds via ElkNet at the start of the competition. Since it was not stipulated that all funds needed to be transferred out, it was determined that contestants were permitted to keep a reasonable amount on Avalanche
▶️ Transfers back to Avalanche after the start of the second week of trading were disqualified, but qualifying balances on Avalanche were still considered valid

🥇$3000 USDT.e
🥈$1500 USDT.e
🥉$500 USDT.e

NFT Prizes can be view here

Want a recap on the competition details?

Link to the announcement article

Any questions, join the Elk & Trader Joe Discord or Telegram

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