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5 min readDec 5, 2021


Published on the 5th of December: Edition #3


  • Farms Opened: $aWOOL
  • Farms Closed: $BLZZ & $TSD


The Cultivation Club have recently been dedicating time to exploring the boundaries of this new initiative, defining their purpose and ambitions. The provision of a safe environment where robust discussions can be held and key ideas reassessed is the linchpin of a functioning governance system, and we are excited by the way the club has embraced this responsibility. This week the cultivator’s exchanged their shovels for shears, electing to install an $aWOOL community farm. With one spot vacant on the CC’s roster, the club is looking forward to bringing the Trader Joe community new opportunities very soon.

🌿Community Farm Launches

1. Sheep Game 🐑

CC Vote Results:

  • For: 73%
  • Against: 27%

Farm Launched: $aWOOL (0.5x)

After a healthy debate, the club voted to instate an $aWOOL / $AVAX farm, continuing to ride the new wave of DeFi games on Avalanche, with peers such as Crabada and TaleCraft. Whilst it is still very early days for the project, club members were enthused to hear that the Sheep Game team, though anon, were rumoured to be proven metaverse devs (nevertheless always DYOR). Only time will tell if Sheep Game’s crop is ready to thrive.

A fork of the popular NFT-driven ‘Wolf Game’ on the Ethereum blockchain, ‘Sheep Game’ is a P2E concept on Avalanche in which sheep and wolves compete for $aWOOL. Users can stake their Sheep in the Barn to earn 10,000 $aWOOL per day, whilst shearing their $aWOOL to mint more GEN1 NFT’s. Wolves can profit from collecting tax from either the shearing of $aWOOL or if a sheep is unstaked from the Barn, as well as the option to steal newly minted GEN1 NFTs.

“We want the sheeps!” Big Tex

👨‍💼 Sheep Game: A CC Case Study

The Cultivation Club and Committee respectively voted on Monday to close two farms that were no longer sustainable, $TSD and $BLZZ, freeing up space for new allocations. Sheep Game had already garnered some organic momentum in the club’s forum, and it became clear from the energetic discussions that the support existed to put Sheep Game to a meaningful vote.

There was evidently some hesitancy around the newness of the project and its uncertain future. One member raised the issue of ‘the risk of associating with projects that might not have longevity’ and another that the selection of insecure projects may lead to a culture of short-termism, ‘draining LP and joe rewards’ in the wake of their decline.

There were some strong retorts to these notions, most prominently by Peanuckles who asserted that community farms are about ‘finding gems… less an endorsement from the club and more a way to capture value’.

In the end, the consensus was that community farm spots should be awarded to non-strategic projects who demonstrate potential but have yet to be verified as viable sources of fresh liquidity for the platform. In this sense it was noted that a provenly legitimate project would be unlikely to fall within the remit of the club, instead of graduating instantly to a strategic farm.

This reinforces a key notion of the Cultivation Club, that members should feel free to vote on experimental projects, safe in the knowledge that if the performance of the farm is substandard, the club has full governing control to subsequently assess that performance and close the farm.

🖋Weekly Voting Structure

Moving forward the club will establish a weekly routine in order to maximize the efficiency of their output. Community farm applicants will be pitched to the club on an ad-hoc basis, with voting conducted on Mondays and new farms added to the platform on Wednesdays. There are a maximum of 15 community farm spots open, of which currently 14 are filled. If you’d like to join the club and have your say in the next vote, see below for details.

🌻Community Managed Farms

Current list of protocols with active farms on the platform

🌿Join the Cultivation Club

As a member of the Trader Joe community, you can join the Cultivation Club. The Cultivation Club will empower the voices of our brightest members, enhancing the functionality and performance of the Trader Joe Platform. Installing efficient governance systems for a more accountable and autonomous Trader Joe, without sacrificing agility, is paramount and we thank you for your patience whilst we take the necessary steps to achieve this goal. If you’d like to get involved, hop into our discord server to join!

👨‍🌾Would like to apply for a community farm?

If you’re developing a budding protocol Look no further, you can apply for a Community Farm below, simply fill out the application form and our Cultivation Club will review and get back to you within 1–2 weeks.

Application link for a Community Farm

About the Cultivation Club

The Cultivation Club is Trader Joe’s new governance panel, a Community Club overseeing the selection and on-going management of the platform’s Community Farms. This initiative moves Trader Joe closer to becoming a fully decentralised and transparently operated ecosystem, as well as aiding in the cementation of the platform’s status as Avalanche’s number one liquidity provider.

About Trader Joe

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