Cultivation Club Circular


  • Open: $MEAD, $H20, $ALPHA
  • Closed: $ELK, $HUSKY, $TEDDY, $TRACTOR


🌿Community Farm Launches

1. Asgard Dao 🍻

CC Vote results:

  • For: 75%
  • Against / Undecided: 25%

Farm Launched: $MEAD (1X)

🍻 $MEAD Stats to date:

  • Farm Deposit: 115 per day
  • Daily buy volume 10x increase since Farm launch
  • 7x Increase to $MEAD Token adds to Wallet

2. Defrost Finance 🧊

CC Vote results:

  • For: 94%
  • Against / Undecided: 6%

Farm Launched: $H20 (0.5X)

3. Alpha Homora 🔼

CC Vote results:

  • For: 76%
  • Against / Undecided: 24%

Farm Launched: $ALPHA.e (0.5X)

New Appointments

👨‍🌾 Would your protocol benefit from a Farm?

Application link for a Community Farm

About the Cultivation Club

About Trader Joe




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Trader Joe

Trader Joe

One-stop Trading Platform on Avalanche

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