Bulletin Board: January 23rd

Published on the 23rd of January: Edition #10


As Avalanche continues to grow, so does Joe. Whatever the weather, nothing changes — Joe is here to build. Platform activity continues to show strength with growth across key Dapp and community metrics.

Weekly Measurables

  • Website Visits: +8%
  • Transactions Volume: +8%
  • Community Growth: +3%
  • Token Holders: +1.5%

🚀 Rocket Joe

Rocket Joe’s Whitepaper and an accompanying condensed article have been released, outlining the liquidity launch platform’s process of providing a ‘CEX listing service on a DEX’.

In the coming week, we’ll be sharing details for the deployment of Rocket Joe. The first launch is expected at the start of February … more news ‘very soon’.

Rocket Joe Whitepaper Link: Here

Below farms currently rewarding double rewards:

Double Rewards have now stopped for the following farms:

New Stable Pair:


New Partner Farms dropping soon …

  • $MORE
  • $UST

Co-Founder Community Call

Cryptofish, 0xMurloc, and Blue answered the community’s questions on Discord, discussing a range of topics from Rocket Joe, The JoePegs marketplace, tokenomics, and more. You can listen to the full recording below.

Yeti Finance Partnership

Trader Joe has partnered with Yeti Finance to offer up to 11x leverage at 0% interest on JLPs, xJOE and Banker Joe Tokens. Users will be able to deposit into the Yeti Finance protocol and unlock the deep utility on offer, whilst retaining all of the existing Farm rewards earned on the Trader Joe platform.

  • Twitter Spaces recording will be shared this week

Ferrum Partnership and the Iron Alliance

Trader Joe and Ferrum will be partnering to consolidate liquidity on the platform and across the Avalanche ecosystem. The partnership comes with a host of benefits and network-strengthening initiatives, including bi-monthly buybacks and an incentivized double-rewards farm. For more information see the linked article.

Magnet DAO Investathon

Trader Joe will co-sponsor the Magnet DAO ‘Investathon’, an event aiming to uncover the best early-stage investment opportunities on Avalanche. With the competition closing on February 8th, there’s up to $22,000 worth of prizes to be won. For more information on how to take part, see the link below.

AVAX Warrior — Twitter Competition

We asked the community what to call our very own Diplomat Ambassador from the soon-to-be-released NFT project AVAXWarriors. Hundreds of you responded, with the community eventually settling on ‘Joeminator’ to be enshrined in the NFT metadata. Follow the project on Twitter or jump into their discord to find out more ahead of launch on January 28th.

GameFi Farms

The Avalanche Network has seen a steep rise in the number of new GameFi projects being introduced to the market. To support this growing trend, Trader Joe will be deploying ‘GameFi’ Farms, co-governed by the Cultivation Club. More news coming very soon.

If you’re a GameFi project looking to apply for a farm on Trader Joe, fill out the form linked here


  • “Sort out your Tax Nightmare!”

CryptoTax has integrated Avalanche! Users can now download powerful and highly accurate tax reports and get a full breakdown of transactions + calculations.

What else?

  • Full tokenomics re-work to be shared this coming week
  • Joe is also getting a full makeover … ‘soon’
  • We also have some fancy new UX features … ‘soon’

About Trader Joe

Trader Joe is a one-stop-shop decentralized trading platform native to the Avalanche blockchain. Trader Joe builds fast, securely and aims to serve the community at the frontier of DeFi. Maximize your yield generating activities under one fully integrated roof, providing you with a unique, innovative, and highly accessible DeFi experience.

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