Bulletin Board: January 23rd


Weekly Measurables

  • Website Visits: +8%
  • Transactions Volume: +8%
  • Community Growth: +3%
  • Token Holders: +1.5%

🚀 Rocket Joe

Rocket Joe Whitepaper Link: Here

Below farms currently rewarding double rewards:

Double Rewards have now stopped for the following farms:

New Stable Pair:


New Partner Farms dropping soon …

  • $MORE
  • $UST

Co-Founder Community Call

Yeti Finance Partnership

  • Twitter Spaces recording will be shared this week

Ferrum Partnership and the Iron Alliance

Magnet DAO Investathon

AVAX Warrior — Twitter Competition

GameFi Farms


  • “Sort out your Tax Nightmare!”

What else?

  • Full tokenomics re-work to be shared this coming week
  • Joe is also getting a full makeover … ‘soon’
  • We also have some fancy new UX features … ‘soon’

About Trader Joe




One-stop Trading Platform on Avalanche

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Trader Joe

Trader Joe

One-stop Trading Platform on Avalanche

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