Bulletin Board: February 6th

Weekly Stats

  • Protocol Owned Liquidity: JOE / AVAX — 27.5%
  • 30d Unique Users: 292,000
  • Community Growth: +2.9% WoW
  • JOE Token Holders: 51.5k
  • rJOE Token Holders: 4.6k

Rocket Joe


  • The first phase of Rocket Joe’s maiden voyage has successfully deployed.
  • Deposits now closed, users have an optional withdraw period for 24 hours
  • Launch engages at 6pm 7th at which time, a HON / AVAX LP will be created and locked for seven days.

Rocket Joe Deposit Stats

  • Over 28.5k AVAX raised, through fair market price discovery
  • Current prices estimate a seed LP: $4.2m

Rocket Joe Docs

  • What is rJOE, how do i get it and why would i want it — Link
  • How to interact with the Rocket Joe Launch platform — Link
  • What is ‘Price discovery?’ — Link

rJOE Token

  • rJOE Token Holder distribution has been far stronger than expected, over $35m JOE tokens have been staked into rJOE.
  • Nearly 5k rJOE Holders in a little under a week, helping to ensure protocols that launch utilizing Rocket Joe, can build healthy sustainable liquidity, but also ensure wide token distribution.

🏋️‍♂️Rocket Joe DeFit — 5.a

  • Check out the latest Rocket Joe DeFit article to get the most out of Trader Joe’s liquidity launchpad
  • With an overview, timeline walkthrough, and detailed examples, users can also take the DeFit quiz at the end of the article as progress towards their DeFit rank on Discord.

🚀Heroes of NFT


  • Rocket Joe’s first launch partner, Heroes of NFT, is a strategy-based P2E NFT collectible card game set in a post-apocalyptic metaverse
  • The Avalaunch HON IDO concludes on February 7th (Rocket Joe launch date) with a 50% unlock of HON tokens
  • Players deploy cards to battle, placing them in tactical order to beat opponents
  • The HON token is the primary currency for trading in the marketplace
  • Up to 80% of HRO NFT revenue will be used to buy back ecosystem tokens
  • Users can farm and stake their HON, whilst generating HRM , the in-game currency.

💼Banker Joe — Joe Reward Adjustments

Get over 8% for stables and 10% for AVAX deposits ✨

  • MIM — Stopped for both Supply + Borrow
  • USDT.e + USDC.e — Increased for Supply
  • USDT.e + USDC.e — Decreased for Borrow
  • AVAX — Stopped for Borrow
Banker Joe key markets

🤝Partner Updates

Orbs — ORBS HQ

  • Trader Joe has partnered with Orb’s Open DeFi notification protocol, helping you to stay safe and on top of your game
  • Get DeFi notifications for Banker Joe Liquidation Thresholds (with customisable percentages)
  • Follow the link below to download the app

Domi Online — Domi Online

  • New partners, DomiOnline, is a P2E MMORPG set in an expansive medieval world.
  • DOMI / AVAX Double rewards farm deploys on Tuesday, followed by an AMA with the team on Discord (Date)

Cook Finance — Cook

  • Cook Finance has integrated Trader Joe, launching the first-ever DeFi Index platform on Avalanche
  • Cook Finance automatically sources underlying tokens through the Trader Joe DEX
  • Users can diversify individual token price risks, combining assets into a ‘single token’. simplifying the investment process with a streamlined experience.

Kattana Integration — Kattana

  • Trader Joe is now integrated with Katana, the cross-chain trading terminal for DEX’s and CEX’s
  • Trade-in real-time on over 40 DEXs across multiple networks, with access to 24 charts on one screen, 3 types of limit orders, an AI-powered news aggregator, data analysis, and more.

🐷 JOE Token Staking V2

  • Stake JOE for sJOE and receive platform revenue share in USD stables.
  • Stake JOE for rJOE and receive allocation credit for new launches
  • Stake JOE for veJOE and receive farm boosts (up to 2.5X) in selected farms.
  • veJOE took inspiration from the huge success of Platypus.finance vePTP

You can read our papers for Tokenomics/Staking here:

Thank you to our investors GBV for the following write up:

🖱Site updates: Farm settings and search bar

  • An updated platform UI gives users an even more streamlined experience.
  • Users can now use Trader Joe’s search bar to quickly sort by Token symbol and trade the top 100 trading volume pairs — this will be expanded soon
  • On the farms page, users can Hide/Show Inactive Farms (Farms with 0% JOE Rewards) and the choice of whether to see full or compacted APR Farm Cards.
  • A number of UX/UI changes have been deployed since shipping Rocket Joe, we will continue to monitor and take onboard community feedback.
  • Larger UX/UI Changes are in the works — stay tuned for more.

📲Community Call

  • You can now hear Trader Joe’s most recent community call with co-founder Murloc
  • The team took questions from the community in Discord, with topics ranging from Rocket Joe, Staking V2, The NFT Marketplace and more!

🌍Community Localisation

📚Resource Hub

About Trader Joe




One-stop Trading Platform on Avalanche

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Trader Joe

One-stop Trading Platform on Avalanche

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