Bulletin Board: February 6th

Weekly Stats

Rocket Joe


Rocket Joe Deposit Stats

Rocket Joe Docs

rJOE Token

🏋️‍♂️Rocket Joe DeFit — 5.a

🚀Heroes of NFT


💼Banker Joe — Joe Reward Adjustments

Get over 8% for stables and 10% for AVAX deposits ✨

Banker Joe key markets

🤝Partner Updates

Orbs — ORBS HQ

Domi Online — Domi Online

Cook Finance — Cook

Kattana Integration — Kattana

🐷 JOE Token Staking V2


You can read our papers for Tokenomics/Staking here:

Thank you to our investors GBV for the following write up:

🖱Site updates: Farm settings and search bar

📲Community Call

🌍Community Localisation

📚Resource Hub

About Trader Joe



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