Bulletin Board: February 27th


1. sJOE

Yes that’s right, this is JOE in a Stable Basket.

Why Change xJOE to sJOE?

Stake JOE, get USDC, buy more JOE. Simple.

Lastly, why a Stablecoin instead of more JOE rewards?

  • Remove the sell pressure caused by providing more JOE rewards
  • Provide a versatile reward that facilitates further platform engagement
  • Visit the docs to learn more: sJOE Staking

sJOE on Partner Platforms

2. veJOE

Feeling bullish?

Will there be veJOE wars…

3. Rocket Joe

FIEF Launch: Website Link

Hello AVAX Rewards

Echidna Finance and Vector Finance

Hoppers Game

  • Deposits will open ‘soon’
  • Launch parameters are currently being tweaked
  • We expect to line up the Rocket Joe launch to be in sync with the Game

4. Farm Updates

Liquid Staking Is Here:

Great Farms, Great Partners — Extended Double Rewards:

5. Other Updates

Islanders Quiz

DeFi Watch integration

OKX Listing

Cultivation Club

Community Calls

NFT Marketplace

🌍Community Localisation

📚Resource Hub

About Trader Joe




One-stop Trading Platform on Avalanche

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Trader Joe

Trader Joe

One-stop Trading Platform on Avalanche

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