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6 min readDec 26, 2021


Published on the 26th of December: Edition #8


  • What’s next? Alpha dropping 1st of January
  • Double Reward Farms: CLY, PTP, IME, KLO
  • New Double Reward Farm Launching today (26th): Pollen DeFi (PLN)
  • Community Farms: H20 & ALPHA.e
  • Partnership & Community wrap up
  • APA NFT Auction: $8000 raised for charity

👋 Introduction

Trader Joe is closing Q4 2021 on a high, with a plethora of new partnerships and opportunities to increase your yields. Our community has never been stronger, cruising past milestones with ease, sights firmly fixed on the prizes to come. Feast your eyes on Trader Joe’s bullish activities from the past couple of weeks, and know that we are just getting started.

⬆ What’s next?

  • We forked, we built, and now we will innovate
  • Alpha plans to be shared on the 1st of January

If you’ve not seen the latest from Cryptofish which has now become the copypasta of telegram

Appreciate your feedback. We’re working on something incredibly bullish and new that will solve all your concerns you’re having with TJ. Not just you, but we’ve been listening to everyone’s concerns regarding token utility, tokenomics, etc. We weren’t satisfied with all the options currently out there so we’ve gone the long route and made something from scratch. Come back here in a few weeks time, I’m sure we’ll change your mind.

👨‍🌾 Farms

Active Double Reward Farms

  • CLY / AVAX (Earn JOE + CLY)
  • gOHM / AVAX (Earn JOE + gOHM)
  • KLO / AVAX (Earn JOE + KLO) (Extending + Boosting rewards)
  • PTP / AVAX (Earn JOE + PTP)
  • IME / AVAX (Earn JOE + IME)
  • PLN / AVAX (Earn JOE + PLN) (starting today: 26th)

Pollen DeFi 🐝

We have partnered with Pollen DeFi to support their launch, starting with a new Double Reward Farm deploying today (26th). Stay tuned as we’ll be hosting more co-marketing activities with Pollen in the coming weeks. If you’ve not already checked them out, follow their socials to stay up to date and learn more about the ‘Hive mind’ and how their protocol plans to deliver the first of its kind, decentralized next-gen index platform.

Twitter Link

Pollen DeFi

Community Farm Launches

  • H20 / AVAX
  • ALPHA.e / AVAX

More Farms

We are also excited to announce even more farming options landing on the platform soon, users will be able to discover more protocols with great yield generating opportunities.


$JOE is now listed on FTX, our first ‘Tier 1’ exchange. FTX is a globally recognized cryptocurrency exchange. Users can use FTX to easily purchase Trader Joe’s native token with fiat, significantly increasing the accessibility of $JOE to a global audience. If you haven’t already, register your FTX account and follow this simple, 9-step guide on how to withdraw $JOE.

9 steps sounds like a lot, but this is incredibly quick and easy using the App!

👨‍💼 Partners

Imperium Empires

Trader Joe is proud to announce a partnership with Imperium Empires, an immersive and innovative GameFi experience on Avalanche. Imperium’s metaverse will be a 3rd person RTS game with a variety of PvE and PvP gameplay, culminating in the building and conquering of intergalactic empires.

This new partnership will be expansive, with a host of exciting co-marketing activities set to run throughout 2022. To find out more, listen to our recent AMA with Cliff, the CEO & Founder of Imperium Empires.

Float Capital

Float Capital brings their ‘Delta Neutral’ strategy to Trader Joe, helping stakers to reduce the risk of exposure to adverse price movements. Trader Joe users can now open a short position equivalent to the long exposure of their stake and mine JOE staking APY, with significantly less risk.

Husky x Trader Joe

Trader Joe Co-founder Cryptofish recently caught up with the Husky AVAX team to discuss the collaboration between the two protocols, offering collectible merchandise collateralized with NFTs on Avalanche. There is a limited supply of 100 black hats (2 AVAX) and 100 black hooded sweatshirts (3 AVAX), both embroidered with a Husky x Trader Joe logo and a scannable QR code linking the item to a unique, corresponding NFT. For more information on how to buy, check out the below tweet.

Moralis Hackathon

Trader Joe is officially partnering with the Moralis Avalanche Hackathon! Trader Joe is offering two prize pools, jointly totaling $60,000, in its contribution to the Moralis Avalanche Hackathon. These two prize pools seek to encourage innovation in relation to portfolio analytics and tracking, as well as an API for pools, farms, and lending markets. The Moralis Avalanche Hackathon currently features a total prize pool of $500,000 and runs until the 31st of January, 2022. For more details, see the link below.

Trading View

Trader Joe is now live on Trading View, the globally recognized charting platform and social network used by 30M+ traders for detailed price pattern analysis. Head to the link below to get started, or register for your free trial today.

The Trader Joe Chainlink Case Study

Our partners Chainlink have recently featured our Lending Protocol (Banker Joe) in a case study of using Chainlink Price Feeds to secure and scale a lending protocol. You can read the article here:


Community Growth

The Trader Joe community continues to expand, hitting new milestones of 100k Twitter Followers and 10k Discord members.

We have also recently launched new dedicated telegram channels for our French and Japanese communities.

Vive les JOSEPHs ! Vive la France

Join the French community: https://t.me/traderjoexyz_fr

Join the Japanese community: https://t.me/traderjoexyz_jp

Advent Games

Trader Joe’s 25 days of festive events have seen thousands of dollars won by the community across our social platforms. Highlights included the ‘Portfolio Joe: Stonking Filler’ with Nahid14 taking the top spot, as well as hundreds of participants in the ‘Join JOE’ Twitter PFP challenge. We also nearly crashed the Discord server with a giant tipbot giveaway. Good times.

We like the tipbot in our Discord

APA Christmas Charity Auction

The honorary ‘Papa Joe’ gifted to us by APA after their live drawing session hosted on discord has been put up for auction, with all funds raised to be donated to the Maximum Impact Fund. The 48-hour auction has now concluded and the final sale clocked in at 72 AVAX!

The auction officially raised over $8000 for the GiveWell charity cause

APA — Win a trip to Barcelona!

We have teamed up with the APA team to offer a fantastic opportunity to win a trip to Barcelona in spring 2022 for the Avalanche Summit. To enter, users must draw (on paper) Trader Joe & an APA NFT. Check out the details here and get your submissions in!

Closing Remarks

For those who celebrate, Trader Joe hopes you had a very Merry Christmas. Stay tuned for our New Year rundown, for a look at just how far we’ve all come. We’re kicking off 2022 with a bang, 1st of January, we drop the alpha.

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