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7 min readApr 3, 2022

Edition: #13

gm frens,

Trader Joe closed out Q1 in style, completing all three installments of Tokenomics V2 — rJOE, sJOE, and veJOE. It was a huge month for the Avalanche community, with a week-long summit held in Barcelona, full of warmth and celebration. Now, we set our sights on Q2, first up is the much-anticipated deployment of the JOEPEG marketplace.


The deployment of veJOE is the final key piece for Tokenomics V2. With the deployment of veJOE we introduce ‘Boost Farms’ onto the Trader Joe platform. Boost Farms are the same existing Farms as before, however, 40% of the JOE Rewards are now reserved exclusively for veJOE Stakers. This change rewards Farmers who Stake their JOE into veJOE, rather than just selling their JOE.

In addition to veJOE Boosts, there is a veJOE Accrual Boost that can be unlocked by staking more than 5% of your JOE every 15 days. This mechanism provides a constant incentive to continually stake new JOE.

Since deploying veJOE over 26m (~12%) JOEs are now staked and ‘locked’ into veJOE and we see more JOE being staked into veJOE than being emitted on a daily basis.

veJOE: Boost your Farm Yields

  • Stake JOE into veJOE to earn veJOE over time. veJOE applies a Boost APR to selected Farms. The higher your veJOE Share the higher your share of the Boost Rewards.

veJOE: The Joe Wars have Started

  • Competing protocols will start to lock up JOE tokens in an effort to offer the best yields to their users.
  • Our long-time friends Yield Yak have started to ‘Diamond Hands’ their JOE Tokens and have so far nearly hit the 100,000 veJOE Milestone.
  • We expect the JOE Wars to heat up soon, with expected entrants from Vector Finance and Steak Hut Finance.
  • Checkout the veJOE Farms offered by Yield Yak here:

How to veJOE

Start boosting your Farm rewards today and watch this instructional video of how to To learn more about veJOE you can watch this instructional video


sJOE has been incredibly popular since launching, with nearly 85m JOE Staked (41% of circulating JOEs). To protect existing stakers from continued dilution, we have activated a 1% fee for all new deposits into sJOE Staking. This fee will be deducted from the JOEs that have been deposited and will be kept in the Treasury.

  • This deposit fee can scale higher up to a maximum of 3%
  • Users have the option to stake into sJOE via partner protocols that may offer auto-compounding sJOE Vaults


  • Following Hopper’s 10K NFT collection mint-out, the Rocket Joe launch was a resounding success!
  • A double reward $FLY / $AVAX farm is currently live, with rewards in $FLY + $JOE
  • To learn how to play, visit this link: https://hoppers-game.gitbook.io/hoppers-game/about/hoppers-game
  • Stay tuned for news, more launches coming soon


The Avalanche Summit

  • Trader Joe enjoyed seeing many of you at the 1st annual summit held in Barcelona, Spain.
  • The team gave a well-received Rocket Joe presentation on the Mainnet Stage.
  • Trader Joe merchandise proved to be hugely popular. Stay tuned for Trader Joe’s brand new merch store.Frens Party
  • The Frens Party, in partnership with Avax Husky, was a sell-out success
  • Big thanks to our sponsors: Yield Yak, Benqi, FIEF, Avalaunch, Platypus, Aave Grants DAO, Crabada, Kanaloa, Wyre, Firat, Delta, Hubble Exchange, Arrow and EMDX.
  • Congratulations to Ava Labs and Avalanche for organizing such a memorable event!

Community Call

  • Co-Founder CryptoFish and Quant Liquid Wawa discussed Tokenomics, the JOEPEG Marketplace, Joe V2 Research, and answered our communities questions.
  • You can listen the full AMA here

JOEPEG Marketplace

  • Trader Joe’s brand new NFT Marketplace will launch in early Q2
  • Primary features include a state-of-the-art NFT launchpad and superior quality UX/UI our users are familiar with on the existing platform
  • We are excited to welcome our first three launch-partners: Firat, Swarms and The Person
  • Trader Joe’s first official NFT collection will be released shortly after opening of the Marketplace.

Battle of the Blockchains

Partners: Degis


VALK: Merlin

  • Trader Joe has partnered with VALK to offer Merlin. Merlin is a highly accessible portfolio management tool, allowing deep analysis of transactional data. Users can check historic asset pricing, PnL for tokens, Total Gains/Losses including gas fees all on a user friendly dashboard.
  • More news on this coming soon!
  • Follow VALK Here: https://twitter.com/valktech

Hubble Exchange: Investment

  • Trader Joe is proud to announce an investment into @HubbleExchange
  • Hubble is an innovative decentralized platform for trading perpetual futures, deployed exclusively on #Avalanche

Coinbase Wallet: Docs

Community Bounties

Developer Bounty

  • Build a veJOE boost calculator using React by April 15th 2022
  • The first 5 submissions will receive $1K each and the top 2 implementations will share a $10K prize pot.

Marketing Bounty

  • How would you explain the JOE Tokenomics using an Infographic?
  • 1. veJOE Infographic: Design an infographic that clearly explains and articulates: veJOE Staking
  • 2. JOE Token Ecosystem Infographic • Design an infographic that provides a high level overview of rJOE, sJOE and veJOE
  • Bounty pool for each category: $500 ($300 for winning entry and $100 x2 for 2nd/3rd)

Join Trader Joe’s discord for more details

Community Shoutouts

MBApes: https://twitter.com/MBApesNFT

Edwin: https://twitter.com/AvalanchEdwin

  • Edwin posts regular informative content tracking a range of metrics and token data points for Trader Joe, give him a follow to get informed.
  • Check out his veJOE Broadcast to get his own views on the latest tokenomics overhaul from Trader Joe
  • https://twitter.com/i/broadcasts/1eaJbNYzLYQJX

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