Bulletin Board: 28th November


  • Joevember ATHs!
  • Joe Rush Phase 3 — Community Farm Rush
  • New Farms are here: Double Rewards
  • Lots of Partner Activities
  • JoePegs NFTs Update
  • Advent Calendar Christmas Campaign
  • Renewed Roadmap — very soon

📊 Stats

  • Community members nearly 110k strong!
  • ATH Daily Trading Volume: ~$980m
  • ATH Daily Website Visits: 260k
  • ATH Daily Swaps: 115k
  • ATH Token holders: ~29.5k
  • ATH Price: $5.09
  • ATH number of ATHs

☀ gm

🏢 Banker Joe

A few upgrades cooooomin

“Wen $xJOE CF Increase?” … soon

⛷ Joe Rush

Earn AVAX Rewards

👨‍🌾 V3 Farming is here

🌟$CRAFT: Talecraft’s in-game currency

  • Farm: $CRAFT / $AVAX
  • Earn: $JOE and $CRAFT

🌟$MELT: Defrost Finance utility and governance token

  • Farm: $MELT / $AVAX
  • Earn: $JOE and $MELT

Other new Farms

New Double Reward Farms coming very soon, if the gods allow it

🖱 Website Updates

QOL Feature

Whats next for the website? hmm … unified dashboard?

🤝New Partners & Integrations

CEX Listing: MEXC

More Listings

* CEX — AEX: https://www.aex.com/#/

* MultiChain — Forint Finance: https://forintfinance.com/

More CEX?

Insurance: Risk Harbour

Insurance: InsurAce Protocol

🎤 Recent AMAs

Frog Nation



Defrost Finance




The Christmas Advent Calendar Campaign

Trader Joe’s Advent Calendar Campaign

🛣 Roadmap

This is the Roadmap we communicated just over a month ago

About Trader Joe




One-stop Trading Platform on Avalanche

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what i have been waiting for has come !

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Trader Joe

Trader Joe

One-stop Trading Platform on Avalanche

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