Bulletin Board: 28th November

Trader Joe
6 min readNov 28, 2021


All data is accurate as of the 28th of November


  • Joevember ATHs!
  • Joe Rush Phase 3 — Community Farm Rush
  • New Farms are here: Double Rewards
  • Lots of Partner Activities
  • JoePegs NFTs Update
  • Advent Calendar Christmas Campaign
  • Renewed Roadmap — very soon

📊 Stats

  • Community members nearly 110k strong!
  • ATH Daily Trading Volume: ~$980m
  • ATH Daily Website Visits: 260k
  • ATH Daily Swaps: 115k
  • ATH Token holders: ~29.5k
  • ATH Price: $5.09
  • ATH number of ATHs

☀ gm

Trader Joe continues to blaze a trail across the Avalanche ecosystem, announcing a multitude of new records, partnerships, and accessible new ways to earn. Joevember has delivered. with a new ATH tested twice in the last week, as well as unparalleled platform volume and social growth. Looking for more reasons to ape into Avalanche’s most popular dapp? Look no further.

🏢 Banker Joe

A few upgrades cooooomin

Done: Price Oracle Upgrade, $xJOE is now priced as $xJOE, and doing so thus increases your borrowing power against the collateral.

Next: Separate deposit/borrow reward speeds for each market and an updated interest rate model for stablecoins.

Quant guy: “This will make TVL go up”

“Wen $xJOE CF Increase?” … soon

⛷ Joe Rush

Phase 3 of Trader Joe’s incentive program gets underway.

Earn AVAX Rewards

🔺 xJOE Collateral AVAX Rewards: Continues

But wait, theres more … Joe Rush will continue. More AVAX rewards are ready to to be deployed! Stay tuned.

👨‍🌾 V3 Farming is here

🌟$CRAFT: Talecraft’s in-game currency

The much anticipated NFT-based play-to-earn card board-game, will initially be listed on the Trader Joe platform from November 26th, between 17:00–18:00 UTC. First chest sale for Talecraft: 3rd December

  • Farm: $CRAFT / $AVAX
  • Earn: $JOE and $CRAFT

🌟$MELT: Defrost Finance utility and governance token

Defrost allows users to leverage LP Tokens and other pool tokens as collateral for generating H2O, the protocol’s new stablecoin.

  • Farm: $MELT / $AVAX
  • Earn: $JOE and $MELT


Other new Farms

New Double Reward Farms coming very soon, if the gods allow it

🖱 Website Updates

A small feature recently added, the much-needed ‘Add token to wallet’ button. Allowing users to quickly add new tokens to their Metamask/Other wallets.

QOL Feature

Whats next for the website? hmm … unified dashboard?

🤝New Partners & Integrations

CEX Listing: MEXC

MEXC, the CEX serving over 6 million customers in 200 countries, has listed $JOE in the Assessment Zone and open trading for the JOE/USDT trading pair. JOE / USDT trading is now open for deposits and withdrawals.

More Listings

* CEX — AEX: https://www.aex.com/#/

* MultiChain — Forint Finance: https://forintfinance.com/

More CEX?

Oh yes… much more. very soon.

Insurance: Risk Harbour

Risk Harbour has made its debut on Avalanche as the first-ever automated risk management protocol and now supports Trader Joe. All users can now purchase personalized protection, shielding them from a variety of risks, for the Banker Joe pool. To purchase protection, users are able to underwrite pools by depositing capital in return for premiums and tokens, or for a percentage of the tokens they wish to secure, set over a period of time.

Insurance: InsurAce Protocol

InsurAce is the leading decentralized insurance protocol, providing reliable, robust and secure DeFi insurance services to the DeFi users. Trader Joe users can now easily protect assets locked into Trader Joe for a monthly cost of 0.24%.

🎤 Recent AMAs

Frog Nation

Check out the latest Frog Nation Episode, where Crypto Messiah hosts Co-Founder Cryptofish.


Talecraft has now launched and with the upcoming start of their game (3rd of December), you can catch some insight as to what lies ahead for those eager to engage in the Talecraft Play to Earn game.


Trader Joe’s first ever Discord AMA on November 15th saw Pendle Finance’s TN and Dan hosted by Blue (Marketing Lead) and Liquidwawa (Market Analyst). The talk and Q&A session covered the breadth of Pendle’s exciting vision as the first yield trading protocol on Avalanche.

Defrost Finance

Our latest friend down on the farm will be joining Trader Joe and the Team for a Q&A. This will be held on the Discord server at 9 am GMT on the 29th. Recording to be uploaded to YouTube shortly after.


You may have seen us dropping some cheeky hints as to the launch of Trader Joe’s ‘JoePeg’ NFTs, designed by the artistic wizard behind some of the platform’s most lauded animations, Hessyz. Details for JOEPEGs will be released soon, but rest assured that the vision for this collection is expansive.

We will also be accommodating the JOEPEG release with our very own NFT storefront, built into the Trader Joe website of course! ….Perhaps this will one day expand to a full-blown Marketplace?


Please stop asking us about Hat.


The Christmas Advent Calendar Campaign

Trader Joe’s Advent Calendar Campaign

Father Joe’s sack is very large. So large in fact, he simply cannot contain his JOEs any longer. Get ready for 25 days worth of events, giveaways, and fun!

We will host events across Twitter, Telegram, and Discord, but most of the fun will take place in the Discord server so jump in so you don't miss out!

🛣 Roadmap

This is the Roadmap we communicated just over a month ago

We’ve made some progress, Joe Rush and JOE Token Collateralisation, with JOEPEG NFTs and more Exchange listings in the pipeline.

However, we’ve decided to change a couple of the Roadmap elements ..…We’ll be sharing an update for our ignitions plans, soon.

About Trader Joe

Trader Joe is a one-stop-shop decentralized trading platform native to the Avalanche blockchain. Trader Joe builds fast, securely and aims to serve the community at the frontier of DeFi. The vision is simple, build a DeFi platform like no other. A comprehensive, highly accessible and uniquely innovative experience. A hub for DeFi primitives, under one roof.

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