Bulletin Board: 14th November

Trader Joe
6 min readNov 14, 2021


All data is accurate as at the 14th of November


The ecosystem has been abuzz in recent days, with a flurry of launches, partnerships, and announcements. Avalanche grows and so does Joe. In the last couple of weeks, we’ve hit multiple ATHs across the platform as well as shipping a host of new features and initiatives. Everyone has recently been asking, when will Joevember start? Hold onto your $HAT, Joevembers looking foolish…


  • Trading Volume ATH: $626m (8th Nov)
  • Daily Website Visits ATH: 140k visits
  • $JOE Token holders ATH: over 23k
  • $500K Bug Bounty Program Launched
  • Website speed responsiveness improvements
  • Cultivation Club launches new farms
  • Lots of Community & Partner Activities

Banker Joe: New Market Tomorrow

Joe Rush: Phase 2

Trader Joe’s incentives programme continues, with a focus on some home grown Avalanche talent.

$AVAX Rewards on selected Farms:

  • $SNOB / $AVAX
  • $PEFI / $AVAX
  • $JOE / $AVAX

$AVAX Rewards on Banker Joe:

  • $MIM (Continues for 15 days)

We have more $AVAX Rewards still to use. Stay tuned, we’ll be sure to let you know when the Cultivation Club launch a new double incentive Community Farms 🌿🔺

💻Website & Security

Bug Bounty Programme

Trader Joe wants you! The team launched a 500K bug bounty programme with a focus on maximising and reinforcing security. As our capabilities grow and we move ever closer to governance, we believe that ensuring against potential exploits is of paramount importance. Got what it takes? Follow the link for more details.

Website Speed/Responsiveness

The team has been hard at work optimising the website’s overall UX and is happy to say that fetching has never been faster, with improvements in speed and responsiveness across the platform. A big thank you to everyone for your patience as we worked on a number of optimisations and

We like the Red Triangles 🔺

🌿 Cultivation Club

Governance is the keystone of any healthy DeFi community. The Cultivation Club is the first of many mechanisms created to utilize the wealth of knowledge that exists within our ranks, to create a transparent and democratic process for the selection and ongoing management of the platform’s Community Farms.

Latest farm launches from the Cultivation Club:

  • $BLZZ / $AVAX
  • $CRA / $AVAX

The club has been a hive of activity, with a suite of new threads opened to discuss the numerous projects requesting a Community Farm allocation. If you’re not yet a member, the Cultivation Club Circular (our governance newsletter) will be published next Sunday with further updates.

If you would like to apply directly for a Community Farm, you can now do so via our website on the footer of the home page.


You can now also find a direct link to CHRTR.io via the Trader Joe website. CHRTR is an order flow tracking service built by community member Virtual Query. Track, monitor, and analyse Avalanche transactions, in real-time.

👨‍👨‍👦‍👦 Partner & Community Activity

Rome Terminal Integration

Charting and Trading just got more flexible. With the Rome Terminal’s bespoke DeFi management suite, users can now interact with Trader Joe via their easy-to-use interface, as well as gaining access to advanced charting and analytics tools. Check out the details below.

Avalanche Party Animals

A huge congratulations to the Avalanche Party Animals. After a whirlwind sellout, the Party Mansion is now full. This unlocks the APA roadmap extension, a partnership with Trader Joe, which will see the project buy $100k worth of $JOE to stake and lock in xJOE for one year. This is great news for APA owners, as the underlying JOE tokens will appreciate in value from the platform’s lending and borrowing fees. View the full details and collection here: https://partyanimals.xyz/

Stay tuned for more upcoming news on this Partnership

Growth DeFi Launch + Airdrop

Trader Joe is excited to be partnering with Growth DeFi after their recent cross-chain launch on Avalanche. This new partnership will enable JOE users to utilise self-paying loans to borrow and leverage their JLP and xJOE. As part of the launch of Growth DeFi’s yield optimizer (WHEAT) and borrowing/lending protocol (MOR) on Avalanche, the protocol will be conducting an airdrop of their governance token, GRO, to xJOE holders.

Stay up to date with the Growth DeFi announcements here

Pendle Finance

Trader Joe will be welcoming the Pendle Finance team on the Discord server 15th of November 14:00 GMT

Pendle will be chatting to the Trader Joe community about their recent launch on Avalanche and the ability to liberate your future yield using their platform

Probably nothing

Seems the $JOE token has taken a little trip over to FTM recently

Portfolio Joe

Joe Games #4 kicked off with 57 entrants in the ‘Portfolio Joe: The UpOnly Competition’. Members will go head to head, selecting a blend of 5 winning tokens to reap the glory and prestige of curating the community’s top-performing portfolio, as well as cash prizes and discord role upgrades.

In a week of market drawdown, no single entrant has yet managed to achieve a positive ROI. However, this could all change as we enter our final week of the competition with top tier positions

Portfolio Joe: Snapshot from 12th of November

Trader Joe Beat Battle

Calling all musically inclined members to the new #movie-n-music discord channel for a fun and casual Trader Joe beat battle. Anyone can create their own one-minute beat from the samples provided and upload it to the channel for the community’s enjoyment. This is a rolling event with rewards for participants, inclusive of all skill levels. Let the battle commence!


We appreciate your continued support as we navigate these new straits and pledge to carry on expanding our communities' horizons, bringing you the total experience only a one-stop-shop DeFi shop can.

We ship day and night, we’ll be sharing some news very soon.

About Trader Joe

Trader Joe is a one-stop-shop decentralized trading platform native to the Avalanche blockchain. Trader Joe builds fast, securely and aims to serve the community at the frontier of DeFi. The long-term vision of the team is to make Trader Joe an R&D-focused platform for new DeFi primitives not yet seen on any blockchain.

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