Trader Joe is a one-stop trading platform on Avalanche. It will launch first with regular trading and later with lending, which combine together to offer leveraged trading.

Many DEXes like to shift their focus on other horizontals. As degen DeFi users, we are focused on what we know best: DeFi. Nothing else.

DeFi is still young and with so many problems to solve such as capital efficiency, on-chain order books, limit orders and derivatives. We’ve made it our mission to solve problems in this space.

Eventually, this leads us to our ultimate long-term vision:

To make Trader Joe an R&D-focused…

Article by Keystone (original below)

The Keystone Hardware Wallet

Since Metamask has integrated with the Keystone hardware wallet in late December last year, more web3 users have been benefiting from the QR code signing. The Keystone team is pleased to announce their new partnership with Trader Joe! This provides users of the Avalanche blockchain…

Published on the 23rd of January: Edition #10


As Avalanche continues to grow, so does Joe. Whatever the weather, nothing changes — Joe is here to build. Platform activity continues to show strength with growth across key Dapp and community metrics.

Weekly Measurables

  • Website Visits: +8%
  • Transactions Volume: +8%
  • Community Growth: +3%

Trader Joe and Ferrum Network embark on a journey to bolster the Avalanche ecosystem and increase TVL and volume on the network!

Article published by Ferrum Network


Announcing our Strategic partnership with Ferrum Network and membership into the Iron Alliance. Ferrum Network has recently deployed to Avalanche, our partnership with Ferrum and the Iron Alliance will help to secure their continued growth and expansion with Trader Joe as the preferred DEX. We…

Published on the 9th of January: Edition #9


  • Partner Farms: JGN, ISA, IME, PLN
  • Introducing: noJOE Partner Farms
  • Rocket Joe: Liquidity launch platform
  • CEX Listings: Binance +
  • NFT Marketplace: The Metaverse
  • Partner AMA’s: Islander and Juggernaut
  • Magnet DAO Investathon
  • Trainer Joe’s DeFit Series: Impermanent Loss


On the 1st day…

Uncovering the best early-stage investment opportunities on Avalanche

Article published by Magnet DAO 8th January 2022

Trader Joe will be co-sponsoring this Investathon event hosted by Magnet DAO. Together we work, to grow the Avalanche Ecosystem 🔺

The high level

Compete for a chance to win your share of the $MAG + $JOE prize pool by joining the first-of-its-kind, DAO governed…

Coming Early Q1

  1. Rocket Joe: DeFi Innovation for Decentralised Exchanges
  2. Tokenomics Overhaul: Reduce sell pressure, return value
  3. Decentralised Marketplace: Supporting NFT/Metaverse culture on Avalanche

We forked, we built and now we innovate

We are committed to driving the continued expansion of the Avalanche Ecosystem. Trader Joe will become a hub for DeFi innovation and an ambassador for NFT & Metaverse culture…

Trader Joe

One-stop Trading Platform on Avalanche

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