Trader Joe is a one-stop trading platform on Avalanche. It will launch first with regular trading and later with lending, which combine together to offer leveraged trading.

Many DEXes like to shift their focus on other horizontals. As degen DeFi users, we are focused on what we know best: DeFi…

The Trader Joe team is thrilled to announce the launch of Banker Joe, a new lending and borrowing platform powered by Chainlink Price Feeds. Now, users can leverage Banker Joe to earn interest on their assets by loaning them to others via non-custodial pools, or by depositing their own assets…

All data points referenced: up to 17th of October


With the successful launch of the Banker Joe lending platform, the Team’s attention now turns to finalising the strategy of Joe Rush as well as re-adjusting the more immediately focused Roadmap, we’ll be sharing news very soon — promise! …

Welcome to DeFit Bootcamp, with Trainer Joe

This is the 1st of a 5 part series to help you bulk out your DeFit knowledge and get some serious kudos amongst the community

Those who train with Joe will be rewarded with an exclusive Discord badger of honor: ‘DeFit’

🏃‍♂️ Session 1

Today’s session will help you build your knowledge of DeFi Lending protocols. Lending protocols are platforms that enable everyone to earn interest on tokens they supply and also take loans by borrowing additional tokens. This is all carried out over a frictionless, peer 2 peer infrastructure.

🏋️‍♂️ 1st Rep: Difference…

gm & gb

The Elk Finance + Trader Joe trading competition has concluded

It was a hard-fought competition, but the results are in. Below is the list of provisional winners of the TJ-Elk Trading Competition along with their ROI%

🥇 5,04% ROI — 0xD6EdBc39162Dbd51789A6a3e693A27d5bFA0B074
🥈 4,92% ROI — 0xe05C2080267c3889Deb0185e104a7a6acAcaCfa9
🥉 -7,25% ROI —…


It’s nearly here…we are incredibly excited to announce the much-anticipated launch of Banker Joe, Trader Joe’s decentralized lending protocol. Banker Joe offers investors the ability to lend or borrow against whitelisted assets, enabling the deployment of flexible DeFi investment strategies on the blazingly fast, low-cost Avalanche network.

Setting the scene

This marks the…


  • 35,596,800 Team tokens (7.12% of total supply) will be vested on the 3rd
  • To reassure the community of our goals and vision, the Team will ‘relock’ 50% of these tokens (17,798,400). This % will be re-locked to 31st of December 2021 and then vested over a 1-year linear schedule.
  • To…


  • @samcarvl — Punk — 4505
  • @nzSchism — Punk — 3576
  • @yuxx34 — Punk — 9777
  • @pigwig1437 — Punk — 5185
  • @Caz81181 — Punk — 8374
  • @parlaymeee — Punk — 7711
  • @Modernmannn — Punk — 5273
  • @filmizi — Avax Ape — 215
  • @Cryptanomaly — Avax Bridge Ape…

Trader Joe would like to formally announce a continued collaboration with our partners, Relay and ChartEx.

To deepen our ties, we have launched new farms on the platform which will allow users providing Liquidity, to also earn $JOE emissions by depositing the Liquidity Token into the designated farm.

All data pointed referenced: up to the 26th of September


Trader Joe has seen another exceptional few weeks of growth, with huge strides being made across both our protocols and social ecosystem. …

Trader Joe

One-stop Trading Platform on Avalanche

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